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Ragley have announced that they’re launching a new range of bike components this year. They’re still going to be producing steel hardcore hardtails (apparently there’ll be announcement about those in the future), but they’re focussing as much on components. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Wiser Carbon Bar

Carbon-WiserAll Mountain, but lighter. And wiser, apparently. Unless this is actually the bar that Elmer Fudd rides (geddit?). Apparently it’s max-load tested to half a tonne, so even if you cock up that landing having eaten all the pies, it should see you right. 760mm wide in 10mm or 25mm rise, it’ll set you back £99.99.

Wiser Alloy Bar

Wiser-alloyThese ones are 300g, and are an aluminium version of the carbon bars. As well as the 10mm and 25mm rises these ones are available in a 35mm rise too, at a penny off forty quid. We’ve got some in to test, so watch this space…

 Stubbing Stem


We’ve got one of these puppies in to test, too, and very nice it looks. Matte/gloss finish,  CNC’d from a solid billet of aluminium, it has a very low stack. We’re testing the 40mm version, but you can get it in 50 and 60mm too. It goes for £44.99.

Tracker Saddle

Tracker-Saddle Touted repeatedly as being about ‘comfort’, the 250g Tracker apparently has lots of padding in appropriate places to keep your unmentionables happy and injury-free, and is designed to flex a bit to help with pedalling an’ that. Sounds like a plan to us. It’s £39.99 with Ti rails.

For more details point your peepers here.






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