Intense and DVO partnership yields LTD Tracer

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Fine American manufacturer of mountain bicycles Intense has partnered with makers of heretofore elusive suspension maestros DVO to produce the Limited Edition Tracer 275C DVO. And here it is:


It’s essentially a Tracer 275C with DVO suspension (a Diamond fork and Jade rear shock), some different kit and a fancy graphics package. But it still makes us go ‘ooooh’. According to the press release the addition of DVO suspension gives a completely different feel to the normally specced air shock; it’s more supple, with better traction and better big hit performance. Coil shock always have a suppleness to them that air shocks have struggled to match, although we’ve yet to see any DVO kit apart from brief glimpses in trailers at events.

Ooooh at an angle

Apart from the chi-chi shock and fork and the snazzy graphics, the 275C DVO has been kitted out with Renthal cockpit, Maxxis tyres, a SRAM XO/X1 drivetrain and XT brakes. They’re building just 250 of them, so if you fancy getting hold of something Intense, green and Tracerish, you’d better hurry.

Bombproof-looking Renthal cockpit

And here’s a little video (I quite like the music – rather Foals-y):

More info from Intense.

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    All that careful colour matching and they lob a Renthal bar on it.

    Indeed. Easton Havoc in DVO green would suit lovely.

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