April Fools Roundup – Updated!

by Barney Marsh 9

Well, it’s past noon, so we can officially start calling out the pranks – anyone get fooled by any of these?

There was our own terrain-following app, which caught at least one or two people out this morning…

Prototype whoopee cushion app not pictured…


Alpkit managed a fine spoof with the cunning concept of selling half a thing, which halves the weight and halves the cost! There’s a strong business model in there somewhere…

Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 11.30.36
Half the weight, half the cost – half the coverage


Scicon have launched an astonishingly light bike box made from a new, biodegradable material called cardboard. It’ll never catch on.

Nice photoshopping, sirs/madams


A magnificent effort from the good folks at Barnoldswick – the infinitely adjustable hub, which will conform to any and all new-fangled hub widths.

Clicky for animated gif awesomeness

Drover Cycles

The new, ultra-progressive Backward Geometry, from Hay on Wye, coming to a rad machine near you soon…

Short yet long


Meanwhile, over at WTB, the promoters of ‘Plus Size’ tyres are now endorsing ‘Minus Size’ tyres. Because two minuses make a plus, right? It’s over-promising and under-delivering tyre performance for you – right now! Plus they have some cool graphics on their website.

..and finally, from a year or two ago, THIS IS NOT AN APRIL FOOL – but it is all kinds of mental – the Shockwheel. He’s got a patent and everything:

I can’t see that being somewhat flexy, oh goodness me no.

So what tickled you this morning? Let us know!

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  1. The last one is in production and getting good reviews

  2. I bet MBR got taken in by the backwards geometry as their ‘widen the bars and shorten the stem’ mantra is all they spout. If it had been pictured with five foot wide bars as well, they’d have had them hook, line and sinker.

  3. Also, the standard of ‘machining’ on the axle hole in that ‘flexwheel’ hub doesn’t scream attention to detail to me…..

  4. Ahh, that’s Loopwheels and not Shockwheels, aracer. They’re smaller and make a little more sense 🙂

  5. Tried searching for any musoc on youtube today?

    `Did you mean: Darude – Sandstorm by Darude`

  6. I also heard a hilarious where someone claimed they were introducing a new 148mm axle standard

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