Easter Riders Gallery

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Over the weekend we asked our Twitter followers to record their ride experiences and post pics using the hashtag #stspringpix. Here’s our favourites. All the ‘togs’ featured here win a free Singletrack Digital Sub.

We wanted to celebrate the turn in the weather here ion the UK that has appropriately coincided with the long holiday weekend. A weekend where the sun has come out and the skies turned blue but the trails have yet to catch up with the sky. It may have been warm and sunny but judging by your pictures the trails were still soft and moist to say the least. Anyway.. Here’s our favourite shots from some of our Twitter followers this weekend.

That perfect combination of grim filth on the rider as he pushes up through a glorious landscape – Sort of yin/yang. Taken by @rrrooobbbppp
Not one pic but lots. A montage of experiences from one day courtesy of @gnikwethtam
We’re not in Kansas anymore Toto… @FilmeVonDrausse snapped this deep in the Swiss Midlands apparently.
@AndyLund84’s typical blue skies shot captures what we all hope to get from that first Spring ride… just before we ride hub deep into a bog
Can’t have a first ride of Spring gallery without some cliche daffodils. Artily shot by @spodhopper
We like this shot by @samgibbons not because it’s a local to us shot from Lee Quarry in East Lancashire but becuase it looks like he’s got demon wings
@wouldbeadv’s leg selfie perfectly illustrates the point that just because the sun’s shining doesn’t mean the ground is cracking just yet
How could we not include this wheelie awesome shot by @chrismorley1973 We haven’t spoke-n to Chris yet but we are certain this was taken at the hub of the action at Kirroghtree
The sun may have shone but the ground is still mostly made of grinding paste, as illustrated in this shot by @jase007
And finally lets leave this collection with a shot that typifies why we do this. There’s so many end of rainbow cliches we could trot out now that we’ll just leave you to pick your own. Pic by @carynharvey1

If you’ve had your picture featured on this page then we’ll be in touch with you shortly by DM to get your prize winning details. You must be a registered user of this site to be able to redeem a digital sub.

Don’t worry if you missed out on our competition – since it’s still only Monday and in the UK at least that means there’s a whole day of sunny riding just happened, we are extending our Twitter based photo gallery competition by an extra day. Keep tagging your riding shots on Twitter with the hashtag #stspringpix and we’ll create another gallery of winners on Wednesday. And while you are at it make sure you follow us on Twitter @singletrackmag

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