Paul Basagoitia Partners With IXS

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Well, since we all woke up to snow on our commute to work this morning we thought it would be good to contrast that with a slightly more warming video (or ‘edit’ if you can’t yet legally drink beer) filmed (shot) in the Utah desert. The video marks the addition of IXS to the list of sponsors of top rider Paul Basagoitia who explains his new collaboration thus…

WARNING! Non-ironic use of the word ‘stoked’ follows.

I’m stoked to announce that I’ll be continuing my relationship with Spank wheels and joining a new chapter with IXS division!

I figured there is no better place to test out product than Utah. I’ve been really impressed with the overall strength and performance of Spank’s Spike Race28 Wheels after a season’s use. So I decided to see just how far I could push them on my new Scott, on some of the best terrain in the world. Not to mention I was excited to get my new IXS gear dirty.

I ended up teaming up with my good friends over at Definition films to create this edit. After a few hard days of digging and taking some good slams I’m excited to release this edit. I hope you guys enjoy this edit, as much as we enjoyed creating it.


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