Fake or Real? That Danny MacAskill Eclipse Shot

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Last week we showed you this picture…

Image © Rutger Pauw / Red Bull Content Pool
Image © Rutger Pauw / Red Bull Content Pool

And there were a predictable number of calls of ‘Photoshop!’ and ‘Fake!’ from many people all over the Interwebs. We knew it wasn’t faked but who takes our word for anything? Anyway, as you would expect from Red Bull, they filmed the entire photoshoot and they’ve put the final edit on their website here along with a description of how it was done.


The snapper himself - Rutger Pauw
The snapper himself – Rutger Pauw

So you see, it was real. All it takes is a very long lens, a remote flash unit, an extremely rare astronomical event… oh, and the shutter skills of a top pro photographer.



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    But yeah, if they faked the pic, they could also fake the “making of” too init…… #tinfoilhatformeplease

    Burn the disbeliever, burn him!

    Sounds like a lot of hassle, they should’ve just photoshopped it.

    The should have photoshopped a redbull can into danny’s hand too.

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