Introducing: What She Said.

by singletrackjenn 4

What better day than Friday – and Friday afternoon, no less – to unveil the first column from another of our new Singletrack Columnists, What She Said? Here’s the lowdown on the woman behind the keyboard…

Media maven at a major UK cycling brand, the voice behind What She Said describes herself as tall, American and sarcastic. She’s a not-regular-enough visitor to Singletrack Towers and we can confirm that yes, she is all of those things – as well as being a jolly nice person to share the trail and/or a cup of tea with.


She’s been working within the bike industry for most of her adult life, doing everything from mechanicing and running demo fleets to international marketing. Like most women (and many men) in a similar situation, she is a passionate advocate of gender equality on two wheels. She also has opinions on plenty of topics that are nothing to do with gender equality on two wheels, and has a particular knack of shredding the layers of crap away from an argument to uncover the bones of the issue.

When not hammering the internet into submission with her combined weapons of wit and keyboard, she can be found roaming the trails and lanes around Bucks in search of good times and warm buns. Her absolute favourite bike is her Crockett (which has never touched a ‘cross course in anger) and she is particularly partial to Wells Banana Bread Beer as a post-ride tipple. She also likes sheep.

Read What She Said here.

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  1. Never mind what you think about bikes – I NEED TO KNOW where to find that cup of chocolate!

  2. Lovely smile as well!

  3. American and sarcastic? Surely that’s an oxymoron…

  4. Nice column. Wonder where the name came from? pen name for Morrissey’s bike writings?

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