Top Ten Stories of 2014

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While we’re waiting to see where 2015 heads and what news it brings, here’s a look back at the highest viewed articles of 2014…

10. Magura engineer’s DIY fatbike fork

Magura Fatbike Fork arches

With the earliest mountain bikes assembled from bits and pieces from all sorts of cast-off bicycles and motorcycles, often modified to suit, bodging is a proud part of mountain bike history and culture.  When Magura engineer Reiner Kuenstle wanted a suspension fork for his fatbike, he couldn’t see simply ordering up another brand’s offering.  No, he decided to modify a dual-arch Magura TS8 29er fork to accept his 135mm hub and 26x4in tyre.

9. The Pocket Drone carries camera; follows phone

Control via Android device
Control via Android device

While personal drones are quickly working themselves out of the hobbyist realm and into the mainstream, Pocket Drone’s flying camera mount looked to be one of the more complete options [nearing] the market. Shown throughout its Kickstarter pitch ferrying a GoPro around, the drone is controlled via any Android device with a USB connection.  But that was just the beginning…

8. Trekworld: Trek 2015 Range

Trek Slash

We had a little trip down to Silverstone to check out Trek’s 2015 range at the annual Trekworld show.

7. Winter PressCamp: Innovative thinking from Box

Reach-adjust lever shown in orange
Reach-adjust lever shown in orange

Despite not being on many riders’ radar, young brand Box is thinking bigger than most.  Fronted by Toby Henderson and working closely with Taiwan’s Lee Chi / Promax, Box were on hand at Winter Bike PressCamp showing further evolution of their unique trigger shifter and derailleur, a number of handsome cockpit components, and some new disc brake designs.

6. OneUp Components RAD cage launched

Green or black
Green or black

A further step towards 1×10 crisp shifting? OneUp Components released the RAD cage to tweak Shimano derailleurs.

5. Easyjet reduce sports bag allowance – but just for bikes

EVOC Bike bag

There was uncertainty for everyone heading to the Alps, with Easyjet changing their baggage allowance for bikes.

4. Danny Macaskill’s new film – The Ridge


Danny’s latest video, The Ridge, in which Mr MacAskill tackled the wilderness of Skye in his own inimitable fashion. Warning – you may get vertigo…

3. RockShox – Everything Changes?


Everything changed at Rockshox with the introduction of the the upside down, carbon upper, RS-1 fork.

2. Gotcha? Clarkson’ latest twitter rant

Clarkson Twitter Rant

What started out as a typical Clarkson rant on Twitter spilled out onto our forum, with a bit of interesting perspective from the other road user involved.

1. Steve Worland succumbs to heart attack

Steve Worland

A huge shock t0 all of us. Singletrack bike tester, and one of the UK’s longest serving bike journalists Steve Worland (58) sadly succumbed to a heart attack while out running on Saturday 29th March. Rest in peace, Steve.

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