Easyjet reduce sports baggage allowance but just for bikes. Updated.

January 7, 2014

Heading to the Alps this summer? You may want to think again about which company you fly with, or drive.

For you bike bag, the air journey is over…

Whilst it’s okay to fly with a wind surfer, kayak or hang glider; bikes are now limited to a lower maximum weight of 23kg. That’s going to be a struggle if you want to take an all mountain/enduro bike and adequately protect it from the vagaries of airport handlers.

From the Easyjet website:

“One item of Sports equipment can be carried in addition to Your Hold Baggage allowance. Sports equipment is defined as:

Small Sports Equipment (items up to 20kg) for example:

  • Golf equipment (excluding golf shoes);
  • Skis (including boots and poles);
  • Snowboards;
  • Surfboards;
  • Sporting Firearms;
  • Diving Equipment (Gas or air cylinders are not permitted); and
  • Sporting Wheelchairs (unless this is one of the two items of mobility equipment per passenger), or

Large Sports Equipment (items up to 32kg, except bicycles for which the maximum weight is 23kg (our emphasis – Ed)) for example:

  • Bicycles;
  • Canoes;
  • Wind surfers; and
  • Hang-gliders/paragliders.”

So why are bikes singled out for the lower, and quite restrictive limit?

We’d expect mountain bikers to make up a decent proportion of Easyjet’s summer clientele especially to classic Alpine destinations such as Geneva, so the decision seems a strange one unless the intention is to reduce use.

We’ve contacted Easyjet’s press team and will update this story once we get a reply.

UPDATE 13.30: In a tweet we’ve had this message:

“after many complaints from our customers we’re reviewing the bike weight limits and will have an update soon”

and an email stating:

“easyJet’s aim is to make flying with us as easy as possible for all.  We are currently reviewing our bike weight limit policy and will be in touch again soon with an update.”

Further UPDATE 10/01/14: We’ve just received this email.

“I  have some good news for you!

We’re just about to announce that our bike weight limit is being raised to 32kg form Saturday 11 January. Whilst this will take a number of weeks to be applied to all our systems no customer will be charged an excess for bikes between 23kg & 32kg going forward.

Thanks again for getting in touch and bringing it to our attention.”

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