RaceFace Canuck S/S Jersey

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One of many things missing in my life was a short sleeve riding jersey. I love to ride in a t-shirt, you don’t overheat and you look rad, however once you sweat in a t-shirt they get rather smelly and a little uncomfortable. So I wanted a jersey that would still give me the feeling of a t-shirt but didn’t smell, and rip whenever you brushed a bramble. The RaceFace Canuck S/S Jersey features Repreve® moisture wicking technology, is short sleeve with a crew neck and has stretch mesh paneling to help with venting.

So, on paper the Canuck should be exactly what I’m looking for. For this jersey RaceFace have kept the design nice and simple and have made the jersey available in two colours red or black. We went for the black, but both colours look good.

First impressions of the jersey are good, it fits fairly snug but not to tight and the sleeves are spot on. For me riding with sleeves flapping around because they’re too baggy is really off putting. With the Canuck the sleeves are perfect, once again snug but not to tight.


Riding in the jersey I was really impressed with how comfortable it was. The jersey just feels light and doesn’t drag in the wind or move around much. During long hot rides the good ventilation does it’s job perfectly. When you’re climbing you do get a bit hotter but once you start picking up a bit of pace there is a relaxing and much needed cool breeze circulating around the jersey to just bring the temperature down. Even with a jacket over the top, during either wet or colder days, the Ruckus is good under layer. I find with a lot rain jackets or windproofs you can get very hot, very quick, so with a well ventilated short sleeve jersey underneath you keep a little cooler but stay dry at the same time.

Throughout the test period I had no issues with the jersey, but it might be nice to have some more colour options.

Overall: For me the Ruckus S/S jersey is by far my favourite jersey and is always my first choice when getting ready to ride.

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Product:Canuck S/S Jersey
From:Silverfish UK
Tested:by Dan for 6 Months

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