SRAM S1000

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Chain rings-6

  • Weight: 870g
  • Crank arm length: 170, 175mm (tested)
  • Chainring sizes: 36/22 (tested), 39/26, 42/28, 42/28
  • BCD: 104mm
  • BB standard: BB30

So there’s all these fancy aftermarket cranks around and we realise that we’ve also been doing hundreds of miles on SRAM’s OEM S1000 cranks… seeing as they’re likely to be on thousands of bikes out there from new, we thought we’d give them a look too. The S1000 is found on all sorts of bikes, usually as a 2×10 setup with a bashguard, but sometimes as a triple. We had some on last issue’s Nukeproof Mega TR and this set came from our test Cannondale Trigger 29.

The S1000 sits in Truvativ’s range somewhere around the X7 and X9 and features 6000 series aluminium crank arms with some kind of mega-tough anodising on it as we’ve not been able to scuff them up a great deal. Although the BCD is a ‘standard’ 104mm, the same as regular triples, we still get 2×10 chainrings and a very trail-friendly 36/22 ratio.

Unlike the XX cranks below, the S1000s feature ‘normal’ ratios of 36/22, rather than the ‘magic’ ratios that SRAM pioneered with its first XX setups. Nevertheless, shifting has been fine, if not quite as instant as a ‘proper’ 2×10 chainset. The BB30 hollow axle gives big support to the cranks and the standard has found fans in the legions of gear mashers the world over.

Overall: Found on tons of bikes, these are smart-looking cranks that will continue to look smart for a while. If they came on your bike as stock gear, then carry on – we’ve not found you a reason to change yet.


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Brand: SRAM
Product: S1000
From: Fisher Outdoor,
Price: Approx £150
Tested: by Grinder Team for
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