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Typically, I’ve had these pads on test for so long that they’re no longer available. However, they have a modern equivalent in the Alpinestars Alps. Both models feature a kevlar-covered knee pad with peripheral padding above and below and secured with two wide velcro straps. There’s also a silicon gripper printed on the inside of the pad to keep them in place. Where the newer Alps differ is that they also feature a well-vented, slip-on fabric tube to help keep the pads in place. These SLCs have been kept as minimal reserve pads in the bottom of the kitbag for a couple of years. The two-strap design means that they can be deployed, shoes-on, at a moment’s notice. The newer full-coverage Alps design means that’s no longer possible, but it does help a lot more in shaping the pad around the knee, whereas the SLCs took a while to conform again from their flat state. The tube design is also way better at keeping the pad from sliding down or around under riding and crashing.


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Price:£54.99 (Alps model)
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    Really? A test of no longer available product? And the equivalent available now has a different fastening?
    It does look like a bit of desperate space filling guys

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