Axiom Exterminateair HV

by Richard Lane 0

Length: 26.5cm

Weight: 225g

The Exterminateair (weird pun – does it also disinfect as it pumps?) is beautifully constructed from aluminium, with a plastic handle at one end and a knurled ring holding a wire stirrup footplate at the other. The handle is almost streamlined, and also serves as the locking mechanism – you must prize the handle off the barrel to allow the pump shaft to extend. You’ve got to do the reverse when you’re finished, which is initially a little counterintuitive, but I soon got used to it.
The pump stroke feels quite short – it’s a couple of inches shorter than the barrel length – but due to the barrel volume it’s efficient at getting your tyres up to pressure quickly, without any undue arm pump.
The wide base and the footplate provide a solid grounding for use, but I’d like to see a little more rubber at the base of the pump: mine was looking pitted after a couple of uses on the trail. That said, it’s easy enough to clean. The hose that emerges from the base is long, at 42cm, which makes for easy location onto the valve, and it stows away tidily when you’ve finished.
The Re-valver universal valve nozzle allows for Presta or Schrader attachment at a turn of the barrel. It worked perfectly for the most part, although a couple of times I found it impossible to secure and twist onto a Presta valve without some serious pushing, which isn’t exactly what you need in the middle of a rainstorm, especially as I began to fear for my valve. I had similar occasional problems when trying to remove the nozzle, too.
Overall this is a good, well-made pump, with occasional valve attachment issues.

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Brand: Axiom
Product: Exterminateair HV
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Price: £35.00
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