Somerset Original Combi Fire Pit

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Everything you need
Everything you need

Since the beginning of time man has had a bit of a thing about burning things and that isn’t a bad thing (no matter what the papers/responsible adults/authorities say). So it was with great pleasure that we received this fire pit in for testing. What’s the link between bikes and fire? If you’ve spent any time van camping at races you may already know the answer.

Fire = Happy Campers.
Fire = Happy Campers.

The Combi Fire Pit comes with everything you need to get a decent flame going, bar the combustibles. Our fire pit measured in  at 40cm diameter which is just big enough to get a decent ash bed going, there’s a 50cm available too if you think you need something bigger.

There’s a spike for mounting the fire pit to when the ground is soft, or a patio base for when it’s not. Once you’ve got your stability sorted you’re good to head off foraging anything that’ll burn in true hunter/gatherer fashion before lighting up, sitting back and cracking open the the pre-race beers. The other benefit of  bit of smoking foliage is its midge deterrent qualities, especially if you’re camping near trees, and you get to go home smelling of woodsmoke  which has to be a bit of a bonus too.

At the end of the night it’s easy to keep things safe by using the lid to close down the fire and keep hot ashes in place. Post weekend we’d recommend a wipe over with veg oil to stop any rusting. A nice and simple product that looks good, and just works.

Get your lifestyle on
Get your lifestyle on

 Overall: A right sized fire pit for a bit of race camp warmth and midge repelling duties. It deserves a space in every mountain biker’s van/estate/life.

Review Info

Brand: Somerset Fire Pit
Product: Original Combi
From: Somerset Fire Pits
Price: £45.00
Tested: by Dave for Five Months

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