Interbike 2014: Big travel + big tyres = Fathill?

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GET OUT OF THE WAY! 11nine’s Hemicyon is coming – and there is no stopping it!

So very much... everything.
So very much… everything.

What if one were to combine fatbike wheels and tyres with 150mm of front and rear travel?  What if it used modified MRP downhill components to hold up either end?  What if it was bright, bright green?

Well, there’s no need to wonder what if: 11nine’s Hemicyon is.  Billed as “the first full suspension downhill fat bike,” 11nine’s latest aims to carve a niche all it’s own.  Between 6in of travel and 4.25 inches of tyre, the burly aluminium bike should – once moving – be able to roll over or through nearly anything.  The Las Vegas company worked with MRP to ensure that the custom fork and rear shock had spring curves and dampers that suit their reduced (for downhill bits) travel.

All sorts of chunky
All sorts of chunky

Those who would enjoy such a beast will be happy to know that the company is happy to ship worldwide.  Frame-only retail is $1,870 (£1,155), frame/fork/wheelset/crankset rollers sell for $4,270 (£2,645), and complete Zee builds go for $5,100 (£3,160).

Slightly less... everything.
Slightly less… everything.

For riders looking for something a bit more sensible, the Epicyon features 110mm of travel from a Cane Creek DB Inline rear shock and the company’s own-label inverted fork.  Pricing here is $1,770/$2,670/$4,500 (£1,095/£1,655/£2,785) and complete builds get SLX in place of Zee components.  Don’t let its short travel fool you- the Epicyon “will get you through what planet earth has to offer.” Which makes you wonder what the Hemicyon can handle…

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