Tuesday Treats 103: Premier Prize

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This week our Tuesday Treats cycling-fodder-prize-offering comes from Escape Route

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This week, one lucky winner will be the proud new owner of an Evoc CC 6L and Camelbak Antidote Reservoir combo… 

evoc 66l



Drop your name into the digital hat now. Here’s how to enter this week’s Tuesday Treats Prize Draw:

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We are pleased to announce the lucky winners from our previous prize draw:

andi_pv  moorerichard  Johnmerry  chalky  and  sdw240  all win a SWOBO t-shirt from Charlie the Bikemonger.

Congratulations! Hold tight, and we’ll be in touch.

Comments (4)

    Sweet, that Luchador t-shirt is fab. Looking forward to showing it off around Yorkshire 🙂

    Nice one chalky. We’ll be keeping in touch with Charlie as to when the batches land, we’ll make sure you’re not long without the sweet cotton.

    Any noise from Charlie as to when these tees will be landing? Not heard a dicky bird

    Any news on the tees landing? I think its been 3 months now 🙁

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