Tuesday Treats 103: Escape Route

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Your once a week dose of retail therapy from Singletrack’s Premier Dealers, stockists and advertisers.

Tuesday Treats gives you a quality serving of independent bike retailing and a chance to win big in this week’s prize draw.

This week, we’re revisiting Escape Route.

This week we’re heading back up to Pitlochry. Home not only to a great whisky shop and the smallest distillery in the UK, at Edradour, but one of the best bike-shop-coffees in the land. Kev, Pete and Ciaran provide the update, Escape Route style …


What’s changed since we last dropped in, we’re all a year wiser no?

Well, since you last dropped in we have expanded our workshop to double the size and bulging to the beams with parts. Dan our workshop man is heading it all up, with his Cytech 3 and a wealth of experience in wheel building and fork servicing, there is no better place to get your pride and joy looked after.

Tell us more about developments …

This year it has all been about adjusting to a life of the new  wheel size and the word in the hood is ‘ENDURO’. We have been to a numerous amounts of events with the EWS being one of the best ones we have been to.

Team Escape Route in EWS preperation

What about this new wheel size?

27.5″ is amazing! We have got a fleet of our demo bikes with this new mystical wheel size and most of our customers are loving it and it is changing the way they look at their local trails. On that note, here’s our local hunting ground.

What’s hot in-store?

One thing is for sure, our coffee from our awesome Expo Bar (all staff are trained and ready to serve your coffee needs). EVOC packs have been going down a treat and are a staff favourite already.

How do you compete against the big onliners?

Quite simply, we don’t! We are all about face-to-face contact, something that so many of our customers quite frankly, love. A place to come and chat bikes, drink coffee, eat cake, demo and Hire Bikes. We offer a bespoke service that is very rare this day and age and something that the internet can’t even come close too.

This is a real coffee machine
… with a little help from Mr King’s coffee press

What brand of tea bags do you use?

I think ‘tea bags’ are swear words in this shop!

So, I buy a bike and all the gear, how else can you help me?

Well you buy a bike and you get a 10% rebate back on your account with our loyalty card which you can then use on anything in store from a huge selection of the finest bike brands around! And not to also mention a year free servicing and a lower leg fork service. To top it all off, a piece of our home made cake and a cup of our finest coffee.

coffe and cake

perthshire by bike
See all this in Perthshire… by bike. Come and see us

Lastly, what do Singletrack Premier Subscribers get from you guys?

10% rebate on all purchases (excluding sale or end of line items). Just pick up our loyalty card FOC. Not only that, we offer free coffee and servicing on all brand new bikes for the first year. Cheers! Catch us for the latest offers and deals over on our Facebook page.

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