Grit.CX Beta launches!

by Barney Marsh 4

Our new sister online mag, Grit.CX has launched its Beta website, and you can register now!

News, reviews, adventure, mishaps – Grit.CX is all about the mountain bike’s skinny-tyred brethren. If it’s got knobbly tyres and drop-bars; if it involves inappropriate terrain, whether it’s racing or horsing around, Grit.CX is there. But who are the faces behind this website of wheels and wonderment?

Neil Webb

Grit Online-editor-neil-webb1
Mudpacks take years off, you know

Neil is the online editor of the Grit.CX website, and can be found nestled in the south of the UK. He came to the world of off road, dropped-bar adventure riding through a lifetime of riding everything on two wheels. And he comes to Grit.CX via the worlds of cycling journalism, product management and bike design.

Jeff Lockwood

Photo by Brad Quartuccio/Urban Velo

Jeff is editor of the digital magazine, and he brings a unique perspective to Grit.CX. An American living in the Holy Land of Cyclocross that is Belgium, Lockwood brings more than 18 years of experience working for magazines, manufacturers and marketing agencies within the bicycle industry.

As Grit.CX is still in Beta, to get in on the action at the beginning you need to register first. You can do so, for free, here!



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  1. Username needs to be all lower case and at least four characters? What’s up with that?

  2. Registered yet unable to access, just gives me the log in page. So, have reset with a new password and still no access!

  3. Excellent! Hopefully there will now be no more mention of these silly bikes on STW.

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