Midweek Mini Movies 210

by Dave Anderson 1

It’s not the end of summer, it’s just nature dampening down the dust yeah? In the meantime let’s get viewing this week’s serving of gnar, it’s midweek mini movies.

Tune in, brew up and slack off…

Alpine Dreaming

You don’t need to go to the Alps to ride an Alpine…

OFFSEASON featuring Andrew Whiteford and Daniel Tisi

This film is focused on how two skiers of varying ages play off of each other through media all ski season and learn from each other by biking in the off-season. Andrew and Daniel both ride for some of the same companies when it comes to skiing so this bike combination was bound to happen. While being over double Daniel’s age, Andrew still finds ways to learn form the youth and Daniel naturally looks up to Andrew as a mentor. Enjoy their off-season!
Jackson Tisi

Angie Hohenwarter 2014

Black Hole Enduro 2014

This movie was filmed in Slovenia. Blackhole enduro race is part of 9 days bike festival.

You can find the information here blackhole-bikefest.com/

The Line – the movie

Enjoy the full movie, from episode 1 to 5, in one edit!
Make you comfortable, have a beer and turn up the volume.
Shot between November 2010 and April 2011 with Canon 5D, 7D and HG21. All the credits at the end of the video.
Thanks to Rose Bikes for the support.

Rippin’ n Tearin’ – A Cyclepath Story

Riding the farm, the peaks, the star, the lake, the mound.

Ravanel MTB EWS Round 4 Italia

Back on the Italian Trip of Ravanel MTB for the fourth round of the enduro world series 2014 in La Thuile.

MTB. Pyrenees Epic

We went to The Pyrenees in search of a mountain biking experience. Starting at Hostal de Benasque we hiked our bikes for two hours until El Portillón de Benás pass to make an epic descent down to Hospice de France in the other side of the border. We operate MTB holidays in Spain, take a look at trackmtb.com

Morzine Holiday Edit : Summer 2014

Filmed on the ‘Super Morzine’ trails in the Portes Du Soleil.

Andrew Neethling at Big Bear with Danny Hart Following

Andrew Neethling at Big Bear with Danny Hart Following.

Connor Fearon “I want people to be stoked and go ride after this edit” edit

I teamed up with one of the fastest up and comer world cup racer of 2014 Connor Fearon to make this edit. We basicly went back to the roots of MTB video and really wanted to show good times on a bike in this short edit.

And finally, possibly NSFW…

The AA – Think Bikes Now You See Me

Thanks to everyone that sent in suggestions this week. If you’ve seen or made anything you reckon should be up here next time, the address is, as ever: newsdesk@singletrackworld.com.

And remember: Keep feeling fascination, yeah?

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