Rust-Oleum’s NeverWet repels water… and mud!

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No more muddy bikes?

Maybe we’ve been doing it all wrong.  Instead of spending hundreds to shed a few grams here and an ounce there there, maybe we should spend £15 to shed ten pounds (or more) of sticky, clingy mud.  At least that’s the pitch from the company that brought many of us our first custom paint jobs.

Rust-Oleum’s NeverWet is a two-step translucent treatment that “works by forming an extreme contact angle between the water and the treated surface causing the liquid to form spheres of water.”  This superhydrophobic material prevents water, mud, and ice from sticking.  It may also be used on leather and fabrics- it won’t waterproof either but will help to keep water on the surface from soaking through.

RustOleum NeverWetUnsurprisingly, abrasion will degrade the coating’s performance.  Still, it may be worth a try on rims, mudguards, or even frames- just be aware that the first step in removing or reapplying the coating is to lightly sand the finish.


Destructive damage or corrosion caused by liquid could be a thing of the past thanks to superhydrophic technology now available in UK. NeverWet is a liquid-repelling treatment which causes water, mud, ice and most other fluids to literally roll off protected surfaces keeping them clean and dry.

Introduced in the US last year, NeverWet is a semi-transparent treatment which can be applied to almost any surface and suitable for both interior and exterior use. The technology forms a moisture repelling barrier on the treated surface which causes liquid to glide off the surface rather than sinking in.

NeverWet is an ideal way to protect and prolong the life of any surface which may become vulnerable to liquid damage, staining or even rusting.

Paul Waller from Rust-Oleum, which produces NeverWet, commented: “The supehyrdrophobic technology within NeverWet works by forming an extreme contact angle between the water and the treated surface causing the liquid to form spheres of water.

“NeverWet has been extremely popular across America and we’re excited to see how it will be received in the UK.”

NeverWet is applied via aerosol which sprays clear and dries to a flat, frosted finish which may leave a slightly chalky feel. It can also be used on fabric, leather and canvas, however it’s not recommended for clothing or electronic devices.

NeverWet is available at leading DIY stores, including B&Q and Homebase. RRP £15. For more information, please visit

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