Great Rock’s Vain Vagrant – The Video

by Dave Anderson 19

Singletrack Exclusive : –  Great Rock’s ‘Vain Vagrant’ launch party  and video.

Friday the 25th of July  – The Birchcliffe Centre, Hebden Bridge, hosted the first showing of Great Rock ( Ed Oxley’s ) “Vain Vagrant” Film.

Ed’s long been a friend of Singletrack and as most of you should know he’s the beard behind Great Rock, the mountain bike skills and trips company that’s based in Hebden Bridge. On Friday night we got the chance to drink booze, scmooze and watch guests get tattoos, in a former baptist chapel, before settling down for the premiere of his new film.

Ed owns you now

300 pints of Magic Rock beer were drunk, numerous prizes won, people got tattooed and beards were cut and groomed to perfection.

The latest Great Rock video is the sequel to The Chop where Ed lost his head. He has now come over all Mary Shelley, and needs some kind of shock to bring him back from his untimely death at the hands of the evil Barbers of Accrington.

Join Ed as the “Vain Vagrant” returns from the other side to shred in a valley where the weird is common place, make sure you watch it to the end!…

“We  really wanted this to be seen by the all of those that regularly use The Singletrack web site and particularly the forum first.

The film is much indebted to the good folk from the Singletrack Forum, who in many ways helped come up with the name for this project after this thread here where one of the forum regulars described “The Chop” thus:

“Should have been titled “The Vain Vagrant”. Self obsessed rubbish imo.”

“So a massive thanks  andymc06. Without his startling and insightful critique of the previous film we’d have been hard pressed to think of a good name for this project!

A huge thanks once again to all the sponsors and supporters that make these things happen – Keep your eyes open for something sometime in the Autumn.

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  1. Brilliant. A touch of League of Gentlemen, which is no bad thing IMO

  2. The most random mtb video. Me likey.

  3. That’s some crazy shit. Liked it though.

    Recognised a lot of trails there too but they seemed strangely dry.

  4. Bloody brilliant.

    Wish my local had all those magic rocks beers on tap.

  5. Really enjoyed the event, and it had lots of FREE STUFF. Beer bikes, beards and swag – what more do you want?

  6. Drac it’s been dry here for weeks and weeks – getting too dusty in fact. 🙂

  7. Meh. It is blocked at work! I’ll have to wait.

  8. Pappa Lazarou with a bike.. interesting !

  9. Made me want to grow a big bushy tattoo…

  10. Crackin vid, I hope Ed is ok….

  11. I wish I could grow that much hair on top of my bonce

  12. Enjoyed that especially as Mrs S was watching “those soaps”.

  13. Another enjoyable distraction, cheers!

  14. God awful product placement wrapped up to look alternative. I usually like Ed’s films but that was like Un Chien Andalou produced by a bad advertising company who’s previous track record was creating the standard lingering soft focus shots of expensive bike parts cut with some dude being rad. But then on writing this and on reflection maybe that is a piss take/subtle message that Ed’s new life born to product placement is short lived. So like anti advertisement in which case I like the sentiment.

  15. The Vain Vagrant – WTF!! Now I’ve got that off my chest I have to say I really liked it. Beats endless tail whips, slo mo dust roosting (I feel quite old and out of touch typing those words) and non descript heavy metal music. Keep the trails & tales coming Ed!

  16. Love it! I love the coat tails flapping in the wind, I love the ju ju man building the bike, love the musical antidote to the usual doof-doof-doof soundtrack of every other single MTB edit you ever see.

    Barmy and Brilliant. 🙂

  17. Properly lovely. Nice one.

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