Fresh Goods Friday 200

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Its that time again, feast your eyes on all the goodies that have arrived at ST towers. And welcome to the landmark 200th edition!

 Specialized Rockhopper Comp

grey and blue combo looking shweet
grey and blue combo looking shweet

Fully butted A1 Premium Aluminium 29er frame. The Rockhopper is a time-tested trail riding hardtail built for cruising fire roads and slicing through singletrack.

From: Specialized Bicycles

Price: £850.00

Onza Ibex Tyres 27.5 x 2.25

Check out them rubbers
Check out them rubbers

The Ibex (or Capricorn) is an animal known for being fast and smooth in mountainous terrain and the tyre named after it is no different. onZa says “You do not need to compromise on loose gravel or in wet conditions. No trail is too steep, no section too narrow and no root too slippery for this all round tyre.” – We’re off to find some wet gravel and some loose conditions.

From: Silverfish

Price: £49.95

Bontrager Rythm Mountain Shoe

Green and black, not to be mistaken with the chocolate.
Green and black, not to be mistaken with the chocolate.

nForm Pro last – Ergonomically optimized high-performance fit. Carbon-reinforced internal nylon plate with full Tachyon rubber outsole. Low-profile precision ratcheting buckle. Stiffness index 7. GnarGuard – Outer protection against trail brush and debris for durability.
Sizes from (EU Size) 40-48

From: Trek UK

Price: £119.99

Ollo Clip 4 in 1 lens & quick-flip case

A picture of someone else taking a picture. Mind Blown....
A picture of someone else taking a picture. Mind Blown….

The olloclip 4-IN-1 is a quick-connect lens solution for the iPhone that includes Fisheye, Wide-Angle and 2 Macro lenses in one small, convenient package that easily fits in your pocket – and the palm of your hand. The case includes Pro-Photo Adapter which slides easily onto the case for mounting the phone to a tripod or other photo/video accessories.

From: Ollo Clip

Price: Lens $69.99, Case $39.99



Handy logo on the front reminds you what sport you like.


We’ve not tried seeing how many beers it’ll hold. Yet.

Kitbrix is a new bag company for sporty people. It’s a big, cube of a bag not unlike a cool bag with big zips and ‘military style handle’ on the top. There are mesh pockets on the outside and places to put your race entry details and ID card and all that jazz. The main compartment should hold helmet, shoes and kit, the idea being you just grab and go. If you’re doing something like a triathlon, you can have a bike bag, a run bag and a swim bag. Or a mountain bike bag and a medical bag. The bags then zip together to form a larger unit.

Price: £39.99 (£33.99 at the moment)



Lezyne CO2 Refill Packs

Big air, dude!

As we discovered the other night (ahem…) a pokey standard 12oz CO2 cartridge really isn’t very good at inflating a 2.4 tyre on a super wide Ibis 741 rim. So, if you have big volume tyres, or you’re looking to give your fat bike tyre a head start, then check out the 16oz (£11.99 for five) and massive 25oz (£19.99 for five) packs from Lezyne.

Price: We’ve just told you!

From: Upgrade Bikes 


My Case for Go Pro

A sample shot earlier. Our gear usually lives in a Morrison’s bag.


Holds all four of your GoPros apparently. If you have four, that is.

As we keep discovering, it’s very easy to lose track of your bits and pieces for your GoPro if you’re not super organised. This case has pull-out pre-cut foam that lets your tune it to fit cameras, spare batteries, cases and so on in one place and it’s tough enough to throw in the bag of the car for every ride.

Price: £49.95

From: Madison



Handlebar Heroes – Dragon Edition

Barney the dinosaur’s let himself go…

We showed you Handlebar Heroes a while ago – the clip on, soft horse head mascots for kids bikes (and not so kids…) – well, after years of R&D, the company has just released the Dragons Edition of the range. They come in different colours and clip cleverly together from a flat sheet. Our Tom’s keeping this on his bike.

Price: £12.50

From: Handlebar Heroes


Go Pole Selfie Stick

Selfie time!

This GoPole Helmet Arm is great for those ‘look into the eyes, not around the eyes’ show where you dangle your GoPro, angler-fish-style from your helmet, focussing on your cool, calm expression as you whip and trick your way down the mountain. Or as you scream and sketch down a slight slope in our case.

Price: £17.99
From: Madison


Shimano Centre Lock to Six Bolt Adaptor

From Centre to Six Bolt

Not all brake rotores come with Shimano’s Centre Lock splines (in fact most don’t) so Shimano makes this handy adaptor that lets you run six bolt rotors on your Centre Lock hubs. Does up with a cassette tool. Simples.

Price: £19.99
From: Madison


K-Edge GoPro Mounts

Luckily, no crotch-cam adaptor.

K-Edge makes these neat GoPro mounts for when you want something a bit more chunky than a bit of plastic with a bolt in it. There’s a handlebar mount and a rear-facing saddle rail mount for those mid-pack sprint action films. Fixing the mounts in place lets you swap camera angles in a jiffy.

Price: £39.99 for the bar mount, £29.99 for the saddle rail mount.
From: Madison


Soulcraft Tool Roll


Tyre levers, model’s own.


Embroidered by real hippies in San Francisco.


Handmade in San Francisco by Rickshaw bags, these under-saddle tool and tube rolls from Soulcraft hold just enough for that gravel adventure you’ve been planning. Take advantage of the good exchange rate at the moment, though watch the shipping costs (unless someone starts bringing them in to the UK).

Price: $40
From: Soulcraft Bikes 


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