1st World Problems Solved – Folding T-shirts

by Mark Alker 6

Yes, it’s time for Singletrack to solve another of your first world problems.


This week Chipps shows you how to fold your t-shirts quickly and efficiently so you can fit them all in to your tiny suitcase before you go on your holidays.

You are welcome!

Have you got a 1st World Problem you can solve? Then video yourself in under 30 seconds and send us the link to fwps@singletrackworld.com. If we feature your video we’ll send you one of the t-shirts featured in this weeks top tip.

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Comments (6)

  1. I swear by this method but be warned – once you start finding genius ways to fold things you’ll end up watching videos on how to fold fitted bed sheets.

  2. Fitted bed sheets you say? YouTube here I come.

  3. You mean no else uses a folding board ala Sheldon?

  4. Welcome to the internet!

  5. Somebody PLEASE do how to unwrap Chupa-Chups.

  6. i’m gonna practice this and prove to my mum once and for all that i can fold a tshirt

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