New Lapierre Downhill Bike Launches At Fort William

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On the eve of Fort William World Cup, Lapierre chose to launch its new downhill bike. It’s been completely redesigned and the prototype will be raced this weekend under Emmeline Ragot. The other riders of Team Lapierre Gravity Republic will also be equipped with their new machine shortly.

The DH Team in blue and the DH727 in red will be available at Lapierre dealers from October.

In the meantime, let’s have a quick look at the spec, before the World Cup frenzy begins…

The bike has been redesigned around Lapierre’s new SLT (Supra Link Technology) and perhaps unsurprisingly, now runs 27.5in wheels. At its heart, the aluminium frame is a 210mm single pivot design. The clever suspension linkage makes it supple on the little bits and ‘ultra progressive’ as it gets to the end of the travel.

New Lapierre downhill bike.
It’s more complicated than it looks
Plenty of mud clearance
SRAM’s XO DH groupset
Seven speed, race bike.


Head angle is 63.7°, adjustable +/- a degree.

That trail in the background looks familiar…
Lapierre makes no apologies for saying it was inspired by motocross bike design

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