Tweedlove: Even legends get it wrong sometimes

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Office ‘Padowan’ Dan got the opportunity to ride with all time legend, and Santa Cruz sponsored rider, Cedric Gracia for a full day of Enduro World Series practice here at Tweedlove. As Sam Needham’s photo sequence below shows, even pro’s get it wrong sometimes…














And just because we could… here’s the animated version…



Thanks to Alex Simon for the inspiration on our Gifs You Could Watch All Day forum thread.


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    Yes, everybody makes mistakes. Like the extra spaces before “Cedric” and putting an apostrophe in “pros”…

    Great sequence of shots, though.

    he he, nice one, good to see we are all human 🙂

    Be good to see his video of it

    “He smells like a prostitute”

    Apostrophe looks fine to me. Indicates a contraction.

    Drowning in a sea of “sic edits” with the pros shredding impossible terrain at warp speed, seeing that small slice of reality suddenly makes me feel much, much better!! 😉

    @Mark — “pro’s” ?

    Animated gif is in the gifs thread.

    ‘pro’s’ = contraction of ‘professionals’ ergo the apostrophe.

    bows to superior knowledge..

    //scurries to out-dated copy of Fowler’s//

    Definitely no apostrophe. Would you put an apostrophe if you were talking about bras (short for brassieres)?

    You should do if it’s a contraction. Pro’s is definitely ok.. we check these things you know 🙂

    Wiki Answers is your reference? Ok then. 🙂

    You can start using pro’s for professionals when you start using pro’ for professional 😉

    (consistency is the key to copy editing!)

    It’s one reference. It used easy to follow slides which I thought would be easier for your understanding 🙂

    You don’t put the apostrophe at the end of a word that has been contracted. The contracted apostrophe goes in the word to show missing letters. That’s the convention, but whatever.. the apostrophe above stays where it is. It’s fine. Feel free to report us to the apostrophe police. They know where we live – we have previous 🙂

    Oh, yes, you’ve got form alright………. Next time some apostrophes go missing, we’ll know where to start looking!

    I like the apostrophe

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