Throwback Thursday: Tweedlove Stories

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Seeing as we’re here and it’s happening we thought it’d be good to see just how ace Tweedlove is, here’s Tweedlove Stories…

Tweedlove Stories- no.1 Crawford Carrick Anderson

Crawfy is way fast down here, so no wonder he’s one of the favourites to podium at the enduros this year, especially the POC King & Queen of the Hill – Glentress, 27 May.

Here’s his Q&A:
Name: Crawford Carrick-Anderson, Team Ibis

Some career highlights?
7th in World DH cup in Canada in 1999, 9th in World Championships in Sweden in 1999, 13th in World Championships in Kaprun in 2002.

How long riding in the Tweed valley?
I first rode in the Tweed Valley in 1996, and I now ride there several times a week!

Fave places to ride here?
My favourite place is the wood above Innerleithen golf course. They are very technical tracks but I love riding everywhere, Glentress, Innerleithen, Gypsy Glen etc.

Any thoughts on Enduro racing?
I love it! It is getting bigger every year. Great to have a full day of racing over several hours.

A fave/memorable mountain bike moment/incident:
1999 was my best year with results, it was amazing. I really remember one of my first ever DH races in France in 1998. It was pouring with rain and I loved it. I was 20th in the seeding and it felt amazing. Unfortunately I crashed in the final! It made me really confident for the rest of the years.

Eqpt & Tyre Pressure advice for POC King/Queen of the Hill?!
It’s a secret! Ha! I don’t know exact tyre pressures, I just feel the tyres. Just ride it and enjoy it!

Tweedlove Stories No.2 Chris Ball and Ruaridh Cunningham ride the POC King and Queen of the Hill course

In a film to showcase the great trails in the POC King & Queen of the Hill enduro race, this is a lesson in how to ride Glentress at full throttle. Chris Ball of Dirt School and Ruaridh Cunningham (Alpine Bikes/POC) show what’s needed if you really want to rule the trails.

Tweedlove Stories no.3 Katy Winton tells it like it is

Katy Winton is gonna be a star. No, actually she is already. At 18 she’s already won a ton of races and is now racing with the U23s and doing a fine job too. She’s a great supporter of our homegrown TweedLove festival and Tweed Valley biking, and has a strong message for us all about girls and riding bikes… Check her shredding steep and tech terrain on a bike and tyres that shouldn’t be anywhere near the full-on DH and enduro trails of Innerleithen. Awesome. Just remember, she told you so…
Here’s Katy’s Q&A:
Katy Winton The Kinesis Morvelo Project
Career highlights so far? Getting the amazing opportunity to compete in the World XC Championships in Champery 2011, and the European Champs in Slovakia 2011. Winning the British U16 Championships in 09 and the British U18 championships and series winner in 2010.
How long riding in the Tweed valley? For 3 years traveling down to Glentress then 4 years of living in the cycling heaven that is the Tweed Valley!
Fave places to ride in the Valley and briefly why? Innerleithen because it reminds me why I ride a bike it’s so fun and fast!! Really, I just love the variety of the valley from hillside adventures to man-made trails there is a bit of everything!
Any thoughts on why more women are getting into cycling? Because biking is just awesome! 😉 I think it is because it is becoming much more accessible, slowly equipment is becoming more tailored for women making riding easier and, it is a sociable sport – you get fit, have lots of fun and a laugh, it’s a win win situation.
A fave/memorable mountain bike moment/incident: Crashing at the the start of the World Championships in Champery, sounds like a dreadful memory (in a way it is) but I learned so much from that race; I had to really search with in me to finish and not throw the rag in – which would have been only too easy when your only 20secs into the biggest race of your life and your already on the floor dead last. I will never forget the whole Worlds experience – it is my fondest memories. You can read the full story, here.
Got your sights set on: Short term: POC Queen of the Hill title at TweedLove and U23 British XC Champs title! Also selection for U23 World Champs in Austria. Long term: Glasgow Commonwealth Games 2014 and Olympic Games, Rio, in 2016.
Fave rider/s: Annie Last and Tracy Moseley – two constant reminders it is all possible, great girls, riders and athletes. I recently met Alexandra Engen, it was inspiring talking and riding with her!! Oh, and Danny Hart’s riding – his Worlds run always amazes me every time I watch it!

Tweedlove Stories no.4 Jake Hood

Jake shows us round some of his favourite local Glentress trails

Tweedlove Stories- Ben, Gary, Dave

Dave Mackison, Gary Forrest and Ben Arnott riding their bicycles down Innerleithen

Made this as a little extra for the Tweedlove film night and finally got round to putting it up now, was a proper good days filming.

Tweedlove Stories 6 – Andy Barlow

Andy Barlow is the current King of the Hill at Glentress, having beaten a tough field at last year’s POC TweedLove enduro race. He’s also a bike coach and guide with Dirt School. Here’s a film of him showing us round his workplace at Glentress. Nice office, Andy! Edit by Calum Darling.

Tweedlove stories no.7 Jake Hood and Friends

Jake Hood is away to Whistler for the season so we went out for his final ride in the Tweed Valley. One of those rides that didn’t stop till it got dark and nobody could really see anymore.

Riders- Jake Hood, Katy Winton, Drew Carters, Daniel Taylor, Daniel Carrigan (punctured!)

Tweedlove Stories 8- Gary Forrest King of the Hill

Tweedlove caught up with Ibis Cycles UK’s Gary Forrest whilst he was out practicing for the POC King and Queen of the Hill, watching him ride you can see why he is the new King!

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