Troy Lee add more subdued trail kits

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…and nice looks for the ladies too

Leigh Donovan getting rad
Leigh Donovan getting rad
Wait- I thought this was an Assos shoot.

Fittingly for a company built around its namesake’s eye-catching paint jobs, Troy Lee Designs’ mountain bike offerings have traditionally been aimed at extroverts.  Paging through the 2014 collection, though, some of the more subdued options caught our eyes.

Filed under “Premium Cross Country,” the Ace series consists of a number of trail-oriented options, including knee- and arm warmers, base layers, and even a bib short.  The trim-fit Ace baggies are looking good, with the four-way stretch material, welded inner thigh vents, and an anti-snag low-rise crotch making for a riding-friendly pair of shorts.  The black and speckled gray colour options mean that they will likely wear out before becoming unfashionable.

Ace & Skyline
Ace & Skyline

The matching half-zip Ace jersey is a proper technical piece, with four rear pockets (one zipped) and a drop tail with reflective detailing.  The wicking fabric blocks UV rays on those big Alpine days and while the black goes with anything, the orange will aid Mountain Rescue should something go horribly wrong.

For the ladies, the Ace jersey carries many of the same features as the men’s model and is available in both black/white and the lime/teal shown here.  Somewhat more relaxed than the men’s version, the Women’s Ace still carries reflective logos, rear pockets, and a venting front zip.

The women’s Skyline short is also built from stretch fabric (though only 2-way) but lets ladies bring their favourite shorts or liners along for comfort.  Coordinating nicely with the Ace in teal, the Skyline is also available in a more enduring black.

Also turning things down a couple of notches are some new options for the super-comfortable, high-coverage A1 trail helmet.  While the Turbo paint schemes (in orange, black/white and gray/lime) will appeal to some, matte gray or red Drone options will make pre-ride colour coodination (and spousal approval) that much more attainable.  We’ve just had an A1 land on our doorstep so keep an eye out for our impressions.

Goes with anything
Goes with anything

More at  Troy Lee is distributed in the UK by Fisher Outdoor Leisure.

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    Thats more like it, offering a choice to us boring ones who get scared if offered clothing that is too garish!

    BOOO!!! HISSS!!!

    I like my clothing run over by the 80’s thankyou very much!

    Ah good now I can choose between endura black or troy lee design black.

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