Developer models mountain biking for riding game

by Marc Basiliere 11

Looking to gauge interest in physics-based game…

Mark Judd, a freelance game developer and mountain biker, has reached out with images and video of his as yet untitled mountain bike simulation game.  Building on his interest in and experience with physics-based games (which include rock climbing, building demolition, and driving titles), Mark’s goal was to create a bike simulator which will model as far as is practical the process of cycling.  Not just steering, the programme takes into account drivetrain, suspension, and brake forces as well as the rider’s body position.

Easy on that front brake...
Easy on that front brake…

If there is enough perceived interest, then Mark – as WildebeestGames – is planning distribute the game as a free package.  Future paid upgrades would add real and imagined riding areas, including popular mountain bike destinations.  If Mark – a part-time developer – decides to proceed, we could expect a release in roughly twelve months.  What say you all?

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  1. Quite a crash… but most importantly, how did the 3D guy get to be better at manuals than me?

  2. His stem is a bit 1995, but a free MTB iPad game sounds good to me 🙂

  3. rider seems to too rigid to the bike, and hence seems to getting air off everything while just pedalling along, bike + rider appear to be acting too much as one rigid unit. especially in the arms
    I realise the graphics aren’t finished on this, but its tempting me to load up GTA5 just to compare what the bike riding is like on that

  4. surface and/or rider want tweaking I reckon too, I’m sure I’ve never kept on sliding after falling like that. Apart from on ice

  5. Lucky to have missed the fencepost

  6. WTF? or just go outside and ride a real bike?

  7. @scottyroyal you can’t ride a real bike whilst sat on the toilet at work

  8. Rider needs to drop his inside knee on tight carve turns to look more realistic, otherwise pretty damn impressive physics, esp. the crash

  9. I don’t usually play computer games but this looks interesting, could it develop with different bike riding characters, avatars and a choice of bikes, and trails maybe styles of riding i.e. XC, downhill, enduro , maybe tricks and stunts! With levels of difficulty.
    Sorry I got a little carried away there, and I can’t program and don’t play games!

  10. That’s pretty impressive. It’s weird how much air the rider is getting, but kudos to Mark for programming this. Looks like a lot of hard work!

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