Taipei Cycle Show – New WTB Rubber

by Jeff Lockwood 7

The annual Taipei International Cycle Show in Taiwan is happening this week. It’s the first major bicycle trade show of the year, and it’s a big one. It’s also where Wilderness Trail Bikes has decided to unveil some of their 2015 model year tyres.

The trio of new WTB mountain bike tyres. The Breakout, Trail Boss, and Nine Line.

It’s likely you’ve already read about the new Nano 40c cyclocross/gravel tyre released a couple weeks ago. In addition to that tyre, WTB has also released the Cross Boss, a 35c high-volume, tubless cyclocross tyre.

Of course, there is also some new mountain bike rubber.

The WTB Trail Boss
The WTB Trail Boss

The first of the new WTB mountain bike tyres is the Trail Boss. Designed for trail, cross country and all-mountain usage in dry to damp and hardpack to loamy conditions, the 2.25″ Trail Boss is available in 27.5″ and 29″. This tyre features plenty of siping, staggered side knobs and an even tread shelf for traction during aggressive riding, while ramped center blocks allow these tyres to roll fast.

The WTB Breakout
The WTB Breakout

All-mountain and enduro riders will certainly be interested in taking a look at the Breakout tyre. Available in 27.5″, the Breakout’s 2.5″ hefty width uses square and oval knobs at a medium pitch for increased control and better braking in dry to wet and hardpack to loamy conditions.

The WTB Nine Line
The WTB Nine Line

The 2.25″ Nine Line is a 29″ tyre made for lovers of cross country riding and racing. It’s a lightweight race tyre with micro-square knob tread design and a supple casing built for acceleration and traction.

The Trail Boss, Breakout and Nine Line all feature WTB’s proprietary TCS (Tubeless Compatible System), and are slated for availability in June.

Speaking of TCS…

WTB has added some options to their unique tubeless system. TCS is now available as “TCS Tough” and “TCS Light.” The latter of which is presumably the current standard TCS concept offered by WTB.

TCS Tough is further divided into “Fast Rolling” and “High Grip” versions. “TCS Tough Tyres are the direct result of the Enduro World Series,” says WTB’s Product Manager, Chris Feucht. Both versions of TCS Tough tyres feature two layers of casing, which would definitely offer confidence on enduro courses.

The High Grip versions of TCS employ a compound combination of a 60a durometer, supportive base layer and a 45a durometer slow rebounding and conforming top layer, “for enhanced grip in demanding conditions.”

Fast Rolling versions combine 50a durometer sticky side knobs with 60a, longer-wearing and faster-rolling center tread. WTB calls this “Dual DNA Rubber.”

WTB says Team WTB, other racers and elite riders around the world are quite involved with a lot of the company’s tyre development. OEM Sales Manager, Jason Moeschler says, “With the team we have in place and the tools we have at our disposal, we’re able to actively change upcoming product before our racers’ eyes, expediting the development cycle.”

More information on the new WTB tyres can be found here.

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  1. WTB might want to check with Alex Rims about using ‘TCS’ acronym – they’ve been using it for about a year with their rims

  2. TCS Is I believe a “standard’ Like UST .

  3. So most people have 26 wheels and most people who have 27.5 wheels will have bought them quite recently surely there will still be a much bigger market for replacement/upgraded 26 tyres?

    Maybe it will be a bit like the first few years that tapered forks came out. There seemed to be loads discounted as nobody had them. I don’t really understand the business logic though.

  4. The business logic is to force us all into buying new bikes or frames and wheels. 26″ will only be available on ebay as seconds within a few years : /

  5. Like Matt says, WTB’s TCS is its Tubeless Compatible System that uses a UST tyre bead, but (unlike UST) is designed to run with sealant in the tyre.

  6. Nine line is a fast dry condition tyre? If it so much as looks like it might rain your going to fall off. Might give the trail boss ones a go looks like it could be a decent all rounder. Only problem is where sells wtb tyres?

  7. More info on the cross boss please

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