Kickstarter Round-Up 2

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After last week’s Kickstarter round-up – – we’ve decided to have another look at some more of their exciting bike related projects. Here’s what Luke has turned up for us this week.

Trigger Bell – A Safer Bike Bell


Trigger Bell  “is a bike bell which allows you to warn other road users that you’re approaching. Sounds like any other normal bike bell, right? However, this one is slightly different. It allows you to use it while maintaining complete control of your bike and keep your eyes on the road. You can use Trigger Bell while changing gear, turning and even when braking. The bell is discretely secured under your handle bar with the trigger sitting close to your thumb while you grip the handle bars.”

Trigger Bell came to life when the man behind the project, Stefan Buxton, had an accident involving a car because he had to swerve to avoid a pedestrian. “Loosening your grip for even a second can dramatically reduce your ability to react, manoeuvre and brake safely.” For that reason alone this project looks like one that could be a real hit with cyclists. The only downfall to this product – at the moment it doesn’t fit GripShift or twisty gears and you have to watch where you put it with triggers. Trigger Bell are looking for £5,200 before April 11th 2014.

SHYSPY | GPS/GSM Tracker For Bicycles 


SHYSPY is a GPS Tracker that allows you to keep a record of your cycling activity and also find your bicycle in case of theft. The unit works in much the same way as any other GPS tracking devices. It uses a mobile sim card along with GPS module to accurately locate your bike and deliver this to your desktop or mobile device via a data connection. In passive mode (not tracking but connected to network) it can operate for 5 weeks continuously. SHYSPY are looking for £40,000 before the cut off date of March 19th 2014.

Flyfit – Smart Ankle Tracker For Fitness, Swimming & Cycling 


In the current day it seems almost everyone is obsessed with fitness and staying healthy. Fitness bracelets are becoming more and more popular and gym memberships are going through the roof. Flyfit have designed a unique ankle tracker which is light, stylish and accurate. Flyfit stands out from the crowd as a device worn on the ankle rather than the usual wristband tracker. It has the ability to measure leg movement and also provides wireless syncing to your smartphone with bluetooth technology. Other advantages include a water-proof connector which allows you to use when cycling in the pouring rain. It also provides continuous syncing with real time data and is also available in five different colours. Flyfit have already surpassed their $90,000 target with the cut off date on March 25th 2014.

The Horizon Electric Bike: Adaptive, All-Terrain, Awesome  


Horizon is an electric cycle that brings the joy of riding a bike to people of many different physical abilities. With a full four inches of suspension travel, independent A-arm front suspension, rear suspension and knobby tires this bike is certainly one that you can ‘throw about’ a bit. Horizon is capable of tackling any terrain. Pavement, grass, dirt, gravel, mud. It can reach up to speeds of 25mph and even tackle steep mountains. It can be ridden in three different ways. Pedal only, electric only, or a combination of the two. Horizon can travel up to 30 miles on just electric power before needing to recharge. The project needs $100,000 by April 10th 2014.

A Re-imagined Replaceable Wrench 


Fix It Sticks are fantastically flexible and functional tools for bikes, boards and motorcycles. Either tool can replicate a shop full of tools with just a few bits. T-wrenches, 3-ways (x3), Allen keys, Multi tools and Screw drivers VS. The tools are steel due to aluminium being too soft to allow for a replaceable bit type of interface (it would be round out very quickly). The project was looking for $14,000 but they have already passed that. They currently stand at $27,101 with the cut off date not until April 9th 2014. Clearly another project with huge potential.

Last week we looked at projects that had been successful and unsuccessful. This week, we do the same. 

A Success Story 

Fly6 Cycling Accessory | HD Camera & Tail-Light Combo – World first cycling camera and tail-light accessory to record what happens behind you so you can enjoy the ride ahead. Fly6 only needed $95,000 and managed to reach a staggering $266,000. Clearly a project popular among cycle enthusiasts.

One That Did Not Quite Make It 

Bike Romance – Bike Romance is a film to incorporate the lifestyle of mountain biking, while capturing the visual aspects of riding alike. They were asking for $6,000 to create what was essentially, just a video. Described as something which was going to be ‘the most visual and emotionally stimulating mountain biking film,’ it just never quite took off, failing to raise a single penny in its time on Kickstarter.

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  1. Not sure about the name but this GoPro image stabiliser looks like it is generating quite a lot of interest. Wouldn’t necessarily want one on my hat but it seems that it makes an amazing difference to otherwise average footage.

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