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After our story on the Infinity Pedal – – we thought we would have a look  at some more bike related projects on Kickstarter, including some past projects that have been successful and unsuccessful.

Wolfride Clothing – Mountain Bike Gear 


 Wolfride clothing are a mountain bike clothing company based in Sheffield. They are looking for £1000 in funding to help with clothing they have designed aimed at mountain bike enthusiasts. All of Wolfride’s clothing are performance based items. Clothing that is designed to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer – perfect for this type of sport. Most of the clothing that Wolfride provide are naturally wicking, taking sweat away from the skin and leaving you feeling light and comfortable. They have a range of items that include gloves, base layer/wicking tops, wicking t-shirts and long sleeve Wolfride tops. The project will only be funded if the money is raised before 26th March 2014.

Infinity Pedal 

Don't forget the colours!
Don’t forget the colours!

A project started to create a revolutionary bike pedal born from the need for function, simplicity and form. It is the lightest combination of function and form on the market and is exactly the type of project that will thrive on a website such as Kickstarter. The engagement mechanism only has one moving part making it incredibly tough and it can be rebuilt if it is ever in need of freshening up. The cut off date for this project is 30th April 2014.

Pocket Bike Juice E-Bike Kit | Electric Bike Conversion PBJ 


Cycling not enough for you? Why not add an electric ‘engine’ to your bike? Unlike high-speed kits, Pocket Bike Juice keeps your bike within its limits. It can reach speeds up to 15mph with PBJ solo and up to 23mph when you add your own juice. It can be installed within minutes and no alterations to the bike are needed. Designed so you can find yourself climbing hills at regular speeds without standing up. PBJ is the world’s smallest and lightest bike conversion system and is adaptable to nearly any bicycle. Funding must be found for the PBJ project before 3rd April 2014.



Not content with bike gadgets and clothing for yourself? Why not treat your child to a picture book designed to inspire young adventurers and their families to discover the joy of cycling. The project Zoom! are looking for $8,000 to create a picture book aimed at children between 18 months – 5 years. Zoom!’s story goes way beyond the book. The story and its main character are in honour of Axel Charrette, an exuberant two year old with a talent and passion for riding his bike. On February 28th 2013, Axel was murdered. His family decided to make this book to inspire other families to discover and embrace cycling. The project will not go ahead unless the money required is raised by 24th March 2014.

Beta Male Magazine

About as tenuously linked to mountain biking as the book above, is Beta Male Magazine, which is being launched by a certain Jamie Hibbard. Old school mountain bikers might remember when Jamie was the Editorial Assistant at MBUK and later editor of Metal Hammer, as well as working for a certain Top Gear. Jamie is launching a magazine for gents who don’t want to be like James Bond (and can’t afford to anyway). It’s been discussed at length on the forum already. It’ll include everything from axes to wood burners, to mountain bikes to pipe smoking. He’s planning on making a real, paper magazine of it and just for that he gets a thumbs-up from us.

Kickstarter sees numerous projects fail and some reach numbers way beyond their target all the time Here are a few success stories along with one failed attempt too.

Success Stories 

Shredly – Mountain bike apparel for women which needed to reach $25,000. It managed to reach $25,897 and is one of the success stories of Kickstarter. Labelled as ‘High performance -High fashion,’ it is definitely worth a look.

Dirtbaggies – Thermal Short and Knicker Mountain Bike Bib-Liners. Originally Dirtbaggies only needed $1,000 but managed to raise over $4,500 for this unique piece of clothing. For any mountain bike enthusiast this is certainly one project worth looking at.

One That Did Not Quite Make It 

ReTrack – There have been thousands of failed attempts on Kickstarter and there will be many more. However, in the mountain biking industry there is one that really stood out. ReTrack wanted a massive £150,000 but only managed to raise just over £1,000. The idea was to relive your mountain bike experience in 3D animations. The 3D replay would be played back to you on your smartphone from where you would be able to share it with friends and family on various social networking sites. Unfortunately the idea just never quite took off.

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    See.Sense commuter lights project is close to delivery to backers.
    I just received Heather Dawe’s A Bicycle Ride in Yorkshire this very morning. Pictures of the TdF route including some of Calderdale.

    Singular Puffin Fatbike: This was a good one that went live. Frames to be delivered very soon…

    As above, awaiting my Dawes book. Spurcycle…

    I didn’t support the Puffin because it’s not for me; but let moral support 🙂

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