5 things you didn’t know your Premier sub could do

by Mark Alker 4

Or maybe you did but we thought we’d remind you anyway.


1 – Turn off all ads on the site

All subscribers have the option to turn off the ads on the site. You just need to push the button on your Premier settings page. You can turn them back on whenever you want and you can also choose to keep the Epic TV Video Player visible.


2 – Send your best friend Premier access for a month

Just enter your friend’s email address and they will be sent a voucher code that will give them access to all the cool stuff behind the Premier fence on our website. You can send a new voucher to one friend every 3 months. It’s like your last Rolo – who will you give yours to? Go to your Premier account page to get started.

3 – Access Singletrack issues via our tablet/mobile apps.

Annual subscribers can access their subscription issues via the Apple iOS app, Google Play App and even the Kindle Fire App. All you need to do is tick the box in your Premier account settings, download the App for your device and follow the instructions.

Android app on Google Play

4 – Change where my mag is delivered to.


If you receive the printed mag we will have your address in our system but if you move it will need to be changed. You can call us or email us to tell us you are, or have moved – but easier still, you can simply edit the address in your Premier account settings page. If you move around a lot then edit your address to make sure the mag arrives where you are going to be.


5 – Buy an extra copy of the mag cheaper than the shops


Even if you are a digital subscriber you can still order a copy of Singletrack through our shop at a bargain price of £1.27 (£2.95 incl. 2nd class postage). The shop price is £5.95. So if you are a digital subscriber wanting the occasional printed copy or you are print subscriber and want to give a copy as a present, just make sure you are logged in and then order from our shop.


Comments (4)

  1. Thanks for that, i didn’t know about the Ad removal, seems a bit bare now but so much more speedy.

  2. Yeah, loving the ad removal. How long has it been there?

  3. Now, if only we can do that to the magazine, so it’s like it used to be!

  4. But we’ve always had ads in the mag. There’s always been a limit on them though and that is 33% ads. The mag now contains more pages than it had at the start and so the amount of editorial content you get now is more than it’s ever been.
    If we removed all the ads for the mag that would be the last issue of Singletrack you would get to read.

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