Ritchey Bristol Bikefest and Halo Bristol Oktoberfest announced

by Dave Anderson 0

Here’s the news on the two popular Ashton Court based events…

For more than a decade the Bristol Bikefest has been coming back to the fantastic inner city mountain bike venue – Ashton Court – which is not just easy to get to but features one of the best all weather race courses the country has to offer. But it’s not just weather proof – it is also packed with superbly flowing single track and features just the right amount of climbing to suite beginners as well as seasoned racers alike. In 2014 the Bikefests will return once again with two fantastic events. Say hello to the Bristol Bikefest (7-8th June) and to the Bristol Oktoberfest (11th October).

The line-up for 2014 is as follows:

Bristol BikeFest Outlines

Ritchey Bristol Bikefest powered by Heritage Volkswagen

7th – 8th June 2014 – Ashton Court, Bristol



The popular 12hour / 6hour event will return (with a new partner Heritage Volkswagen) near the longest day of the year for another helping of single track heaven. The riders can expect some fast and fun packed racing paired with the Bikefest typical relaxed atmosphere. Traditionally the Saturday will be all about racing the 10km long course as often as possible within 12hours. Teams, pairs and solo riders will battle out the fastest times and compete in one of the many categories on offer. Sunday offers more of the same but at the reduced run time of 6hour or even the 3hour ‘novice’ event.

In 2014 we will have some additional categories available to bring some ‘fresh young blood’ into the event in the 14-17year old ‘young’uns’ category (minimum age 14 years) as well as look after the more seasoned racers in the ‘Super Old Gits’ (50+years) category.


In typical Bikefest style we will have a great little trade village, on-site catering throughout the weekend a well stocked Bikefest bar and tunes throughout the afternoon and evening. Parking and camping (with showers) will be located near the start and finish / event village.


Halo Bristol Oktoberfest powered by Heritage Volkswagen

11th October 2014 – Ashton Court, Bristol



With two new partners on board the Halo Oktoberfest powered by Heritage Volkswagen will once again bring the season to an end.

Originally set up as the autumn alternative to the summer Bikefest the Oktoberfest has caught up quickly over the last few years and is now just about to overtake the Bikefest in popularity. With more than 1300 riders from all over the country at the Oktoberfest in 2013, the ‘Fest’ combines a unique ‘laid back’ atmosphere with some of the best riding you can find in the UK.

The 2014 Oktoberfest will once again cram everything into just one day with the popular 8hour team, pairs and solo event as well as two 4hour events – one starting AM and one PM. The event will once more be based around the fantastic Ashton Court course and will feature the Bikefest typical relaxed atmosphere, smooth overall organisation plus a little bit of an ‘Bavarian twist’.

Similarly to the Bikefest the Oktoberfest will also feature the new ‘Young’uns’ (14-17 years) and the ‘Super Old Gits’ (50+ years) category.

So be prepared for swoopy single track, oompah music, a great event village, superb event catering, some (not Bavarian) tunes during the day and in the evening, pretzels as medals and some ‘Weissbier’ at the bar!