Lazer launch the Ultrax Helmet

by Jeff Lockwood 2

A new mountain bike helmet from Lazer Sport is ready to hit the masses. The new Ultrax lid combines several of Lazer’s proprietary features into a useful helmet that could be used beyond the dirt trails.

Lazer Ultrax
The Lazer Ultrax in matte black.

Immediately noticeable is the integrated LED light at the rear of the helmet. In a nod to those of us who love to ride and race trails after the sun has gone away. It’s Lazer’s own USB-chargeable LED flashing taillight, and is included in the price. Such a feature is sure to also be attractive to urban riders on their dark commutes.

Lazer Ultrax Taillight
The integrated reflector at the rear of the Ultrax can be swapped out for a blinking taillight.

Eliminating the need to adjust the helmet each time you slip on the Ultrax, Lazer’s patented Autofit Retention System immediately makes the helmet snug around your head, regardless of the shape or size of your noggin. Lazer says this integrated system offers consistent tension between the rear basket of the helmet and the front head belt.

Lazer Ultrax

An adjustable visor allows the rider to easily change the position of the visor on the fly, and 23 vents will keep your head cool.

Published weight of the Ultrax is 290 grams, and it’s available in two sizes and five color options.

Suggested retail price will be around £69.99.

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