When Ratboy met a Jackal

by Dave Anderson 5

 Here’s the latest edit from Santa Cruz:

When Logan Peat and Josh Bryceland rolled into Santa Cruz on their Jackals, we rolled up in a 1949 GM 4101 Union Pacific Streamliner to show them around.

Still using its original super-charged two-stroke straight-six Detroit Diesel power plant connected to a Spicer 4-speed manual transmission, the “Crazy Train” is the last running coach of ten, made for ferrying passengers from Union Pacific’s Los Angeles terminal in the fifties and sixties.

Still using unique sliding dropouts to accommodate gears or single speeds, connected to the frame via compact chainstays on a super-strong asymmetrical yoke, the Jackal was made for ferrying passengers over dirt jumps, street obstacles, amusement parks and anything else you might encounter on a rampage around town.

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  1. Please stop calling videos ‘edits’.

  2. So good it needs seeing twice.

  3. What’s a “video” ?

  4. Love watching Ratboy ride a bike. He always looks like he’s having so much fun.

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