UK Handmade Bicycle Show Tickets Now Available

by Jeff Lockwood 1

Bespoked 2014 opens for early bird bookings…

Bespoked 2014 – The UK Handmade Bicycle Show can definitely boast the highest concentration of sexy hand-crafted bikes to be seen, and possibly caressed, in the United Kingdom. Touted as “Europe’s Leading Handmade Bicycle Show,” you’ll enjoy immersing yourself with some amazing bicycles, and the people who craft them.

Bespoked 2014

You can join in on all the fun from April 11th through the 13th at the Lee Valley Velopark in London.

Early-bird tickets are now available right here.

Single day passes are available for £7.50, £17.50 for a three-day pass. Tickets go back up to their regular price at the end of January, so get them while the getting is good.

Saffron Frameworks
Feast your eyes upon this mountain bike sexiness from Saffron Frameworks.

While the North American Handmade Bike Show presents a rather US-centric list of builders, the Bespoked 2014 show represents a Who’s Who of bike builders from around the world. Get ready to check out bikes from the likes of Moots, De Rosa, Ted James Design, and tons more!

So if you like bikes, definitely head to London to have a look for yourself and talk to the people who make the bikes!

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  1. So it’s moved to London from Bristol. I can see the reasoning behind it – space, etc. But as I live in Devon it makes it too far for a day out now now.

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