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Moon lights

Everybody needs a set of blinky lights for their bike. They’re as useful for daylight running as they are at night and with affordable LED lights now available all over the place, there’s no reason to be unlit. However, if cheap lights are so prevalent, why would you spend forty-odd quid on these ones from Moon? Simple – they’re very bright and nicely robust. Rated at 25 lumens apiece, both front (‘W’hite) and rear (‘R’ed – geddit?) lights have three flashing modes, plus two static, controlled by a fairly intuitive combination of pressing and holding the control button, which is flush with the body. Both units have proved well sealed and attachment is via a secure, tool-free strap which accommodates everything from fork lowers to pack straps.

USB charging is convenient enough, especially if you’re using the lights for commuting to and from your desk job and have ready access to (your employer’s) power supply. However, like many other USB and mains-chargeable lights, if you don’t keep on top of the charging with the Crescents then you run the risk of finding yourself suddenly unlit. While an AA or AAA-cell powered light will dim over time as the available power diminishes, the Crescents simply stop working when the charge is gone. There is a low charge indicator but it’s so dim you have to really look hard for it – and it doesn’t come on for long enough to be useful if you (for example) notice it ten minutes into a two-hour ride… I consider this to be a pretty major flaw and for that reason the Crescents have been relegated to the lowly role of backup lights for my backup lights – also known as key rings. Not high praise, really.

Overall: Neat and tidy but crippled somewhat by poorly thought-out power management which renders them more eclipse than Crescent.

Review Info

Brand: Moon
Product: Crescent R and W lights
From: Raleigh,
Price: £21.99
Tested: by Jenn for Four months

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