Absolutely gorgeous Shand Fat Stoater

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Brazed steel, Dirt Drops, Rohloff, discs, oh my…

So much to like
So much to like

Here, as submitted by Shand Cycles to one of Velocipede Salon’s beautiful bike threads, is Mike’s Fat Tyre Stoater. Fillet brazed in Scotland by Shand, this adventure-oriented bike deserves a bit of a look. The frame in and of itself is beautiful, but the way in which the entire package comes together really is special.

Sliding, stopping, and going
Sliding, stopping, and going

Even though the first few muddy rides would be painful, it’s hard to fault the Rohloff hub’s all-weather performance and looks. Similarly, cable-actuated brakes from TRP will be appreciated in the wet and slippery. A cow-free Brooks Cambium saddle continues the old-meets-new theme. Slender Middleburn cranks look the part and Ritchey’s polished Classic seatpost and stem are really the only modern choices that make sense.

Fat tyres, twist shifters, and Dirt Drops
Fat tyres, twist shifters, and Dirt Drops
Both fresh and clean.
Both fresh and clean.
Beautiful brazing
Beautiful brazing

Want more? We have another build of Shand’s Stoater on test in the new issue of Singletrack, issue 87, on sale Feb 6th.


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  1. Hello lovely. Do not wrap it, I shall ride it home.

  2. Oh my….. I’ve fallen in love.

  3. Needs to be a different colour, I had a halfords road bike in that colour in the 80’s *shudders*

  4. Nice. I’ll take mine with flat bars, Hope V-Twins, and with rack mount options for the front fork


  5. Nice. I’ve had a Rohloff hardtail for the past 7 years. It was like this new… http://www.bendingtherules.co.uk/Bobs_Bikes/Solitude_3_files/beautyleft.jpg
    One thing that irritated in the original design was the offset cable guides on the downtube – made putting a crudguard on untidy, so the second generation frame was ‘tweaked’..

  6. I had a Carrera 531C bike in that colour as well! I loved it.

  7. You sure about that Houns?
    Seems like a lot of faff when you could run any MTB hydraulic brakes.

  8. Ahem

    I may have not “quite” been awake when posted that

    *is a cupcake*

  9. Ah can’t edit it either, my stupidity is now noted in history

  10. That’s gorgeous. I’d have one in candy apple red flake, please.

  11. Are they Salsa Woodchopper bars..?

  12. Looking at the clearance, I can put away the Krampus details and step up to a new level of longing…

  13. Beautifully made piece of kit, but not for me.

  14. Yesterday I had my first cautious peak at the Shand website, not sure I was quite ready for another dose so soon.

    *Goes off for a lie down*

  15. Needs black bar tape and a black saddle.. That miss match ruins a great looking bike IMHO..

  16. that is perfect! Ive been trying to convince Mr Richards to make something similar for years. Ive bodged drop bars on to a Scandal with ugly high steerer extenders and stems. I currently have my rohloff in a pompetamine but can only fit 32mmish tyres in there. I really want a 2.25″+ tyre “monstercross” that can take disk brakes & a rohloff. The shand is on a very short shortlist.

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