Peaks of Life

by Dave Anderson 7

It’s the most inspiring thing you’ll see today…

Peaks of Life is a short Documentary about UK rider and downhill racer Tom Wheeler. The documentary illustrates Tom’s lengthy recovery and rehabilitation process after losing the use of his right arm whilst racing in Rheola, Wales back in 2011.

Despite paralysing his right arm, Tom’s determination and dedication means he’s able to do the things he loves most including riding his mountain bike again.

A touching story that some may consider a tragedy at first, but with such a great out look of life Tom isn’t letting his paralysed arm slow him down.


Comments (7)

  1. I appear to have something in my eye… Wonderful story,

  2. Been following Tom after sustaining similar nerve damage but to nowhere the same extent, as above humbling

  3. The measure of a man is not how many times he gets knocked down but how many times he gets back up.

    Spirit like this goes beyond that which most folk could imagine.

    Tom, you are a genuine inspiration.

  4. Inspiring indeed. Having snapped my forearms and shattered both elbows earlier this year i was subconsiously worrying as to whether my arms would be up to riding the trails again, i now have no doubts. Thanks Tom and i wish you all the best with your recovery.

  5. awesome.. some souls really shine

  6. I seem to remember someones saying something like, “How can he sit on a bike with balls that big”.
    Never have those words been more applicable, what an absolute legend!

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