Fresh Goods Friday 170

by Dave Anderson 17

Here’s to the weekend! Yay! But first let’s hit up the Fresh Goods…

Trek Slash 9

Slah and burn
Slash and burn

What’s better than going to BikePark Wales? Going to BikePark Wales and getting to bring home two new bikes.

Here’s the new Trek Slash 9 we’ve got to play about on for the next few weeks. It’s a totally enduro focussed 27.5 bike that’s bang on the 1×11 trend and according to intern Dan it’s “pretty good”.

"it's alright"
“it’s alright”

Price: £4300

From: Trek

Trek Remedy 9.8


Want something a bit more of a technical trail bike? That’ll also cope with a bit of enduro. The Remedy 9.8 will go up, down and everywhere pretty quick with a 2×10 XT drivetrain.

Ad boy done good
Ad boy done good

Price: £4300

From: Trek 

Juliana Furtado Primeiro

Heritage in a frame
Heritage in a frame

Like a 5010 for the lady the Furtado is a 125mm VPP frame ready for a bit of trail bike action. We’re aiming for a bit of a custom build for this one.

Price: £5499 (Complete bike with Fox and XT build)

From: Jungle Products

Juliana Primeiro saddle

Ti railed for the lady
Ti railed for the lady

Ti railed with all the comfort benefits for the longer ride.

Price: £74.00

From: Jungle Products 

Gravity Dropper Turbo LP

Plummet post
Plummet post

Newly designed dropper available in 2″ – 5″ drops

Price: £279.99

From: Hotlines

Makepiece Shrug in a bag

Shrug off
Shrug off Dave

A bit of shoulder warmth for the lady. Made from the purest of the Shetland wool from Todmorden Hills (and made here too). It’s a knitted shrug that packs up into its own knitted bag, ready to deploy at the lunchtime tea stop or after-ride pub, covering arms and shoulders from the chill of the mountain air.

Price: £45.00

From: Makepiece

Mtbbatteries Lumenator and Lumen800 combo

Duo light

A light combo set up to get you sorted to embrace the night.

Price: Lumenator + Lumen800 £185 inc p&p

From: Mtbbatteries 

Scott Stego Helmet

Dan has MIPS
Dan has MIPS

Tasty trail helmet with the added protection of MIPS.

Price: TBC

Scott Mind LS/fit shorts


Water repellent and breathable baggies with sun protection too.

Price: TBC

Scott Path 30 S/S shirt


Nice and bright for blue sky days.

Price: TBC

Scott Divider Jacket


Water resistant windproof jacket .

Price: TBC

Scott Leap Sunglasses


All the winter sun protection you’ll ever need.

Price: TBC

All From: Scott Sports

Life Edge Waterproof Case for iPhone 5 and 5s


Keep your precious clean and dry.

Price: £74.99 (bike mount £34.99)

From: Life Edge


That’s it for this week, tune in on Monday for the Debrief…

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  1. It’s not fair to show bikes with all of those stem stackers under the bars, a quick swap the other way and they will look 800 times more Gnarr.

    Science fact.

  2. £280 for a gravity dropper!! WOW that’s inflation!!

    I paid £148.50 in 2006 from riverside cycles

  3. For £4300 those Treks ought to be “all right”.

  4. £75 for a phone cover!

  5. …meanwhile On-one sell Reverbs this week for £150.

  6. £709 for an mobile phone!!!!!! (iPhone 5s 64gb)

  7. That Slash 9 just looks… right.

  8. The Juliana frame looks just like the new SC Bronson or Tallboy2.

  9. So what is the difference between an enduro bike and a “technical trail bike” then?

  10. We’re going with colour…

  11. Any comparisons between the Remedy 9.8 and the Remedy 29er?

  12. What flavour of Forks are on the \9 ?? 160mm 2014 CTD’s ?

    Look forward to hearing how they ride!

  13. “So what is the difference between an enduro bike and a “technical trail bike” then?”
    Ones hair and the others fur!

  14. £45 for sleeves????? is that correct a Shrug?

  15. I’ve often thought a Shrug might be better in some ways than arm-warmers. Any thoughts Chipps?

  16. The Luminator is brill. Lumen 800 would make great headmet light partner. Santa?

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