The Chop with Ed Oxley

by Dave Anderson 18

Ed’s an old friend of the magazine and is never one to go for understated. Here’s his latest video collaboration with Whitenosugar productions.

Ed Oxley from goes on a weird and wonderful journey from Hebden Bridge to the dark heart of Accrington by mountain bike.

Bike: On One 456 Evo
Lights: Hope R4

Hair: North West Barber Co
Natural History: The Weird & Wonderful
Stag mask: Lahki

Beware the call of the Trail Horn!


Blossom by Nick Losse
Come back Life by Kadavar
Smokestack Ligthning by Howlin’ Wolf

Comments (18)

  1. lol LOVED it 😀

    Best bike video I’ve seen for ages. Well done Ed and team. More please.

  2. the mushrooms are good around Hebden this year for sure!!

  3. Much more fun than the usual (dull) MTB vid, top marks Ed!

  4. Brilliant. Made absolutely no sense mind, but brilliant.

  5. Great video Ed but hey kids, wear goggles when grinding.

  6. that lad needs to get him sen a proper job!!

  7. Never going to the barbers ever again!

  8. Thanks everybody. It was a lot of fun to make and it’s great to hear all the reactions.

  9. Wow! A Nimbus, a very long time since I have seen one of those. Good luck with the rebuild. And where does that version of Smokestack come from? Is it the album he made with kids the same time as Muddy made Electric Mud ?

  10. Well that escalated quickly!!

  11. Ed and Tim, now that is a proper bike vid!

  12. Our Sweeny wouldn’t have wasted the head.

  13. And now he’s gone
    And we don’t worry
    ‘Cos we’re sitting
    on top of the world

    Bit of a shame tho!
    This country needs madmen like him.

  14. Bonkers vid, love it!

  15. Do the real folks of Accrington really eat the arty middle class of Hebden Bridge? Sounds good!

  16. That’s properly cheered me up! Great piece of work.

    Can I request a Serengeti migration theme for you next film? Instinctive bike journey caused by body clock and hormonal imbalances!

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