Monday Morning Debrief 47

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If you ride regularly enough and push the limits often enough it’s inevitable that things will sometimes not go quite as well as planned. Often though it’s not the gnar that gets you but the innocuous traverses and trails that don’t require attention.

Back on it
Blue Pig at it’s finest.

And after last week’s crash I’ve had a whole week of Ibuprofen and general self pity to reflect on this. Nursing a possibly broken hand and repeatedly hearing ‘At least it wasn’t in summer’ I was a bit gutted at the prospect of an arm in plaster and missing riding for a few weeks. I like autumn. And I like riding in autumn. The trails locally are still in prime condition, doing a good job of shrugging off the rain that’s been falling and with the drop of fair weather riders they’re a little bit quieter too.

With a mix of self diagnosis and optimism I’d decided that last week’s crash had resulted mainly in muscle damage, and the lack of grinding pain supported this. So it was with not a bit of relief that I was able to get back out on the back this weekend. Not quite back to normal, not totally without pain, not back on the pace but out riding and fast enough to make it enjoyable.


So I’m on the off road to recovery. Taking it easier, but still riding. I’ve had enforced, injury induced, downtime before and it sucks. I’m not going back there if I can help it, thanks.

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