Monday Morning Debrief 48

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One of the weird/good things about this job is the global network of friends you end up with.  People who you ride with in ‘other’ places; halfway round the world on someone else’s turf and someone else’s trails. Trails with altitude, trails with attitude, desert trails or high mountain places. A global loose collection of  journo’s/bike bums/blaggers and assorted flotsam and jetsam of the bike industry.

Sharing the love
Sharing the love

And in-between the launches/adventures and trade shows you keep in touch through the modern treats of Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. A slightly voyeuristic relationship of looking on at and liking other people’s photo’s and updates as they ride the world around them. Keeping the love alive by means of internetz.

So the great thing about this weekend has been the long awaited visit from our friends at SRAM, friends we’ve ridden with around the world but never at home. And so the questions begin. Just which trails to ride? Which best give a insta-feel for the valley? Which to show off and share so that visitors ‘get’ just why you think the local riding’s special. Trying to get the right selection that’ll compare well to all those fancy places you’ve ridden with them before.

So round one is done and I reckon the choice was a good un. We’re off out now for round two , riding from the office.

Where did you ride this weekend?

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