Interbike 2013: SQ Lab’s 85g saddle… rocks!

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Ergo design meets silly weight. 

Padding where it's needed
Padding where it’s needed

Though we don’t go out of our way looking for this sort of thing, SQ Lab’s new Super6 carbon fibre saddle proved hard to ignore.  SQ Lab comes from a bike ergonomics background, so unlike the weightless torture devices German boutique manufacturers like to call saddles, the Super6 was designed with both comfort and its headline-grabbing weight in mind.

Rocks for the way you roll

The expected carbon fibre shell sits on braided carbon fibre rails and is topped by interchangeable padding.  Where things get interesting is in the rail design:  as part of SQ Lab’s Active series, the Super6 is actually designed to rock with the rider’s hips, resulting “in a decrease of pressure on the sitbones and a mobilization of the spinal discs.”  If nothing else, SQ Lab has managed to build what may be the only sub-100g saddle that we wouldn’t be too frightened to try.

A halo model, the Super6 comes in juuuuust shy of €400/$400.  The brand is distributed in the US by Radsport USA and UK dealers can be found on SQ Lab’s website.

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