Interbike 2013: Getting fat again

by Chipps 5

We thought we’d done fat bikes from Interbike, but we found some more photos that needed airing. This time it’s the full suspension semi-fat bike on the Risse booth. The rear tyre is a ‘mere’ 3in Nokian Gazzaloddi (remember them?). Risse is going fat forks as well as continuing to make custom rear shocks…



Love the bolt-on caliper mount.



That 3in tyres looks quite slim really…


A Rohloff hub. In for a penny…


Risse shocks – one of very few custom shock builders.


Complex enough for you?



And another view

And keeping things semi-fat, we have RSD Bikes from Canada. It’s one of the few companies that has started making bikes (from 853) for Surly’s Knard 29x3in tyres. The designer said that the company got its start because very few people were making good steel hardtails any more (in Canada) so it started making them.

The 29x3in fork is also from RSD and is the only one we know of.


It makes its own wide 29in rims too.


Metallic root beer?


Rigid too.


Designed as a big-tyred hooligan hardtail



Comments (5)

  1. What weight is that full suss fat bike?
    What type of riding is it aimed at?
    It’s not beach or snow.
    I’m genuinely interested as to what can this bike do that a “normal” trail bike can’t?

  2. “I’m genuinely interested as to what can this bike do that a “normal” trail bike can’t?”

    Sink its way down to the earth’s mantle?

  3. Looks like the tyre will hit the downtube the moment that fork compresses – and think of the toe overlap!

  4. ^agree, that was my thought – tyre/Downtube clash.
    I do like the rootbeer chunky thang at the end.

  5. I think the rear end is there to make people take pictures including the forks; the actual product. although, nokian tyres, kore skewers and a bolt on seat mast are retro tastic.

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