Interbike 2013: Accessorize with Smith’s Forefront

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Light- and camera-friendly trail helmet

Light on, glasses off.
Light on, glasses off.

In our coverage of Smith’s Forefront helmet (here and here), we’ve had several questions about light and camera mounting.  The bottom line is that Smith have buyers covered.  The Forefront comes complete with a threaded brass insert (usually covered by a cosmetic cap) at the top of the helmet.  At launch next spring, Smith will be selling a $15 package including both a light and a GoPro mount.  Though designed with and for Light and Motion lights, the light mount is effectively a faux handlebar and looks like it should take most brands’ bar mounts.

Note also the slick way in which Smith’s Pivlock V2 glasses mate with the slots in the shell.  It looked like some practice would be required, but it’s neat nonetheless and show that Smith has been thinking about the ways in which riders use their helmet vents- and coming up with alternatives.

Now everyone can see where you've been.
Now everyone can see where you’ve been.
Minimal padding, maximum breathability
Minimal padding, maximum breathability

Here’s a shot of the inside of the helmet, showing just how much of the Koroyd material Smith is using in the helmet.  The retention system has a bit of built-in flexibility by design and contact points use the same hydrophilic Megol material as the company’s sunglasses.  At each point the retention system attaches to the helmet, three mounting positions are offered to enable a custom fit.  Befitting a $220 helmet, the low-profile padding is built of funk-fighting material.  And as a nod to Smith’s eyewear focus, vents at the base of the helmet are designed to draw air over glasses and goggles, reducing fogging.

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