Eurobike 2013: Pro’s bikes spotted

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One of the great things about Eurobike is the number of pro’s bikes on display. It’s a great opportunity to see individual set ups as well as spot the new parts slapped on to replace the prototype parts the companies don’t want you to see just yet.

Here’s a few we spotted…

Jerome Clementz’s Cannondale Jekyll

Jerome's Jekyll
Jerome’s Jekyll
Extra chain retention
Extra chain retention on that 38 tooth ring
Neat XX gripshift shock lockout
Neat XX gripshift shock lockout

 Fabien Barel’s Canyon Strive

fabian's Canyon
Fabien’s Strive
Chain device too
Prototype tyres

 Sam Hill’s Nukeproof

Sam Hill's refreshers paint job

Ribbed for retention
Ribbed for retention

 Nino Schurter’s Scott Scale

Nino Shurter's how light? Scale
Nino Shurter’s how light? Scale

Manuel Fumic’s Cannondale Scalpel

Manuel Fumic's
Manuel Fumic’s Scalpel
Caped crusader
It's all in the numbers
It’s all in the numbers


Comments (6)

    Why does that scalpel have two reverb levers on it, some kind of shock lockout?

    IMO – the top chain retention parts are EU law .. Perhaps they’re there so that people get used to seeing them on bikes?

    Schurter’s Scott Scale
    Cant they make him a bike that fits with the stem on the right way up?

    Fumic’s has shock and fork lock out

    Yellow clash on that Jekyll is making my brain hurt.

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