Eurobike 2013: Fizik’s Thar – a 29er-specific saddle.

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It sounds a little like an April fool, but Fizik is serious. It has deduced that 29er riders struggle to shift their weight forward enough to counteract the rear weight bias of a big wheeler and are running in-line posts with the saddle slammed forward on the rails. So, instead of making the world design steeper seat angles, Fizik has developed the Thar – a 29er-specific saddle.


Shorter nose, wider midsection. The Thar.

Compared to something like the Tundra2, you can see that the saddle has a wider midsection. This is to encourage you to sit further forward on the body of the saddle. The saddle rails are 25mm longer and allow you to run the saddle further forward. In addition, that bobbed tail is so that the saddle doesn’t get buzzed by the rear tyre when you’re running a slammed dropper post. Finally, a splash of red ‘adds some colour to the all-black panorama’ of the saddle world. What do you reckon then?

Thar. It’s light, it’s neat and it’s only for 29ers.

And this is the 27.5in/650B saddle. No, we just made that up. It’s another Thar. We’ll get one in and see what we reckon. Wonder what happens if you run it on a 26in bike. Will it explode?

Keep the feel in your winkie. The new Versus X

In other news, Fizik has produced some saddles with extreme channels in them, for riders worried about numb winkies. There was a semi-channeled model last year, but this is taking it a step further.

And then… taking it a step further and all the way to the top of the staircase is the new Tritone saddle. It’s for triathletes and riders on time trial bikes and it eliminates the saddle nose completely for riders in extreme ‘arse up, head down’ riding positions. Thanks to the extended tail, it’s UCI legal too. What would Graeme Obree ride?

The Tritone. Get that head down and pedal!




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  1. Saying 29er riders have to slide more forward is completely incorrect.
    The longer chainstays of 29ers automatically keep the riders center of gravity further in front of the rear wheel.
    In fact, this is one of the benefits of riding a 29er,being able to climb without the front coming up on steep climbs. It’s one reason 29ers are so prevalent in XC races.

  2. deary me….. plenty of suckers out there though…

    I really need to come up with my own snake oil.

  3. Designed to cope with the massive arseholes of 29er fanboys.

  4. Is there an intermediate saddle for 650b riders?

  5. Seriously are you sure this isn’t an April fools joke

  6. Ha ha ha! Look! Even the roadie saddle has a gap so when you bend over you can get fully shafted! Oh my aching sides!

  7. I think its a good idea, i for one do have my saddle forward on my 29er for that reason, and when you look at many of the racers, even tall guys like Kulhavy flip stems with no spacers, so there has to be something in it.

  8. 29ers. One of the shortest fads in cycle history.

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