Eurobike 2013: Do Lapierre dream electric sheep?

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If you’ve visited European ride destinations over the last couple of years you’ll have noticed the rise of the (electric) machines. It seems as they’re becoming more mainstream over there, electric bikes are heading here too.

Here’s the Lapierre Overvolt.

Overvolt – looks capable

First up is the Supreme 6 framed 140mm full suspension version with a 27.5 Rockshox Solo Air Revelation up front and 1×10 XT drivetrain. There’s been design input from Nico Vouilloz and it’s evidently an engaging ride when you hit the dirt on it.

400w of Bosch power
400w of Bosch power

The Bosch battery and power unit will give up to 25km/h ‘assist’ for 2-3 hours or 30 to 90km depending on amount of climbing.

Electro hardtail
Electro hardtail

There’s also a Lapierre Overvolt HT hardtail for, erm, purists. Again it’s a Supreme 6 alloy frame, this time with a 120mm Rockshox Solo Air Reba up front.

and here’s Lapierre’s official words on the matter:


The Overvolt, a real Lapierre MTB made to perform.

The innovative frame design in Aluminium enables the Bosch motor to be subtly integrated into the frame. Placing the motor at the bottom bracket ensures a low center of gravity so the bike is well balanced.

The geometry is designed to offer comfort and stability: long chainstays, the rider towards the rear of the bike, and a high position. All this helps the rider not to feel the extra weight of the motor. Not forgetting the strong 27.5” wheels, the Shimano 1×10 drivetrain and powerful brakes.

The Lapierre Overvolt uses the new Bosch motor with the 400 watt battery (Bosch Performance), offering 30% more autonomy than the 300 watt, as well as a good clearance over obstacles.

The new Lapierre Overvolt range is an explosive mixture of energy and vitality, keen to conquer new horizons….

Very powerful, the motor combines liveliness with a steady power output. With perfect precision it adjusts the performance level to the effort of the cyclist, to deliver assistance adapted to all types of terrain and to all speeds, from flat to steep, and from gentle to turbo.

What is the Lapierre Overvolt?

• First and foremost a real MTB, that’s fun to ride.

• High-tech electronic assistance system.

• Powerful and precise product.

• A bike developed with the end-user in mind.

• A bike that makes MTB accessible to everyone.

• Geometry for comfort and stability .

• 27.5” wheels for superb grip and ease over obstacles.

• 2 versions: – Full-suspension: 140mm of travel front and rear. – Hardtail: 120mm of travel.



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    Hmm… I can see the advantage for those who have limitations on their fitness from a health perspective, but with the weight of that battery mounted fairly high up in the frame, surely they are going to ride like a pig compared to a normal rig?

    if i want power from outside, I’ll buy a motocross bike.

    I was thinking about this over the weekend. Surely this is a much more energy efficient method of getting uplift than either chairlifts or (particularly) a van?

    I’ll offer to test ride that round all my local trails. I will own every Strava KOM out there! 😉

    wrong…so utterly wrong….

    bigrich I kinda see what you mean but it’s a bit different.

    I’m with doc rad i think it would be fun to have a more down hill kind of bike with this in mind. having the batteries low down should mean it is more stable i think as the centre of gravity will be lower than a normal bike but just more weight?

    30% MORE autonomy? WOW!, i’m in, where do i sign……. 😉

    Great for folks with debilitating physical conditions (if you can afford it)…just plain ugly and also expensive (for the rest of us too)

    Its the future mmmmhhahahahaha

    How much do these things weigh?

    Seems to defeat one of the key points about mountain biking – that we like getting out there under our own power! Agree with bigrich – I would rather use my legs!

    So, err… is the point of these that you can scoot to the top instead of using an uplift, whereby you turn the thing off and ride it’s heft downhill??

    Why not some regenerative braking system for these bikes? I could see the sense in that.

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