Chris Akrigg – Trial Trails

by Dave Anderson 11

More gravity defying riding from Yorkshire’s finest mountain biker, Mr Chris Akrigg….


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  1. absolutely top drawer!!!!

  2. Another album bought off the back of a video here. Riding was good too Chris!

  3. yea but he slipped on one of the logs………..

    scratch that- brill riding!

  4. Superb really great to see his riding totally back on top after the massive fall a couple of years back. I really hope Martin Ashton follows suit

  5. Harden Moor in there?

    I’ve only been there once, but I pride myself a bit on trail recognition!

    I can’t ride for toffee.

    Akrigg is a bit tasty on a bike.

  6. So cool, who brings in mongoose bikes? They need to draw more attention to this vid, awesome riding in the real world we all ride in.

  7. That is a real wall ride.

    Fantastic riding.

  8. Fabtastically ace, and on a more or less normal MTB too.

  9. Brilliant trail riding. Teh awesome.

  10. Ignoring Newtonian laws -classy.

  11. Ay up Lads, reet good is ower Chris. Tha ow its done ere in Yorkshire! We ahl ride like that tha knowst! Glad to see caps are ‘in’ ( see the Friday news thingy). ;0)

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